Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ive met my match!

I used to think there was never a fruit or vegetable I didnt like until I picked up this juicy number at the grocery store. It had potential. Melon? Yup…I like melons…..


Looked tasty enough…


Final verdict…hit the trash! Grosssssss! It had a weird flat acidic taste to it. Bleh, funky texture (mealy) and overall nasty. I cant even describe it. Even when things are gross I still have my husband try them.

“Eww this is sssoo disgusting, wanna try?” haha. But not this time. Maybe I just got a bad one at the store or something. But now I can officially say I've met my fruity match.

Moving on though today started out like any other day. Its a gorgeous 75 degrees out and I whipped up myself a big bowl of oats and some eggnoggin’ coffee and then hit the road for the gym for a rocking spin class. After that was a quick swing by Whole Foods for some staples. (I was out of squash and almond butter!) and when I went to put my groceries in the trunk I saw this…


Really?! Not even a note. I'm not a fanatic about my car at all and seriously it would have been way more of a hassle to deal with the insurance companies to just bang out a small dent. So I would have just let it go. But it kind of irked me they didn't say anything or leave a freakin note. Its not even like a small knick either! That's a decent size hit to my car. So not cool.

Ok done now. I'm just more ticked that they didn't say anything is all. Aahh well! I believe in Karma big time so its ok.

Came home and unpacked the groceries then time for lunch. I ended up with a salad. Big shock! I made a quick dressing using some strawberry jelly, balsamic Vinegar, mustard and black pepper.


and lots of apple and yogurt action!


I was so excited since I finally got to try out the Core Fusion DVD that I had!


I was a little sore from spin this morning but I still wanted to try it out. So I moved the coffee table and set up my little mat.


The dvd requires you to have a chair available, some small weights and a belt. Its divided up into 5-10 minutes sections which are: arms and upper body, legs, glutes, abs and then some stretching. This is such a fantastic workout. Whew. Ive tried other workout dvds and never felt like I got too great of a workout from them but this one hurt! You basically use all your own body weight in order to do different lifts and strengthening exercises. I LOVED it. Very sore now but sooo worth it! Im doing the 30 day challenge with Dori and cant wait to see my results. Its was about $12 bucks at Best Buy. Totally worth the cash in my opinion!

After that I made myself a huge glass of hibiscus tea.


I added a little vanilla stevia and it tasted like fruit punch. Completely delicious and refreshing!

Then I embarked on massive amounts of cleaning. It was such a productive Sunday. Not just beauty cleaning but like ripping stuff out of cabinets and rearranging stuff type cleaning. Glad that's over with though! I got some great looking shrimp and made up a little seafood zucchini pasta toss.


I flavored it all up with some parsley, basil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, black pepper and a bit of parmesan. Really hit the spot.


So over all despite the fact that someone smooshed my car I still had an excellent day. Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? Im also on a huge make your own sauces and dressings kick. Any favorite go too mixtures you have created lately?

Workout song for today - “Fever” by Cascada

I hope you all have a wonderful and fabulous start to your week.


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  1. I must find this DVD stat. I can't believe someone would hit your car that hard and not leave a note. That is so ridiculous! You have a right to be mad. I hope this week is better.

  2. "quick dressing using some strawberry jelly, balsamic Vinegar, mustard and black pepper." --YUMMMMM!!!! strawberry jelly, brilliant, i am sooo all over this!!!

    The zuke pasta. AWesome.

    And the Core Fusion DVD-thanks for the review and now I can understand the hype that that brand/line of dvd's gets! cool!

    The hibiscus, how amazing that must taste.

    have a great week chrysta!!!!

  3. eew....what IS that thing? It doesn't look tasty at all. I'm not surprised it wasn't!

    Sorry about the car're right, the person should at least have left a note!

  4. p.s. I'm posting under my google account because your comment box doesn't allow other domains. :-(

  5. ew how mesesed up that people hit and run! at least your car is black so it's not that noticeable, but still, in principle: not cool! lol your title is so funny, sorry you didn't like that mystery melon or whatever it is!

  6. the pasta dish looks amazing. that is so obnoxious about your car, i'm so sorry!! i would never just leave a dent in a car & run..that is terrible!! haha and the fruit looks weird! good for you for tryin something new though


  7. So sorry about you car, that is awful :(

    Glad you love the DVD though. They are coming out with new ones at some point that will be just like a live class! I am so excited.

  8. OOH sorry about your car!! What a bummer.. at least you werent hurt!

    Your pasta dish looks so amazing and healthy!

    Happy Monday, Chrysta!!

  9. Do you get the zucchini pasta at Whole Foods? I want to try that, it looks great! My favorite combinations lately have been anything with spaghetti squash or sweet potato. I am also really into spinach and oranges on salads.

    I also hear that Core Fusion DVD is a good one. I feel like I have read about it on a few blogs now. I need a new good DVD, so I'll keep that one in mind.

    I can't believe your car was hit, and no one left a note. Oh wait, yes I can!! Ugh, people are so rude.

    Hope you have a great Monday!

  10. Wow , I would love to have a Whole Foods near me, that would so neat!
    Sounds like you had a productive day -- far more than I do in any one day for certain!
    I have never seen that kind of melon before. Have a nice day :)

  11. wow great pasta!!! i wish i could find that!! what a productive day! love those! have a great monday girl!

  12. ahh I cannot believe that happened to your car! no note, nothing...that makes me so mad too! in HS i bumped a car once and felt so horrible, I so could've walked away but I left a note and they caled and were so appreciative taht I did that bc so many people could have just done nothing! grrr...i am so sorry that happened!

    glad you had a great spin class! and squash + almond butter are SO essential!!

    teh core fusion DVD sounds like a great workout!

  13. I can't help but lol when someone says "this was awful. Want to try it?" I never know how to respond but "Umm, no?"

  14. What is that thing!? I get so sad when I try something new (this weekend's new protein powder) and it's a total fail. Oh well lesson learned! And yay Core's one of my favorite classes and SUCH a great workout! Have a lovely Monday miss!

  15. Everyone is raving about how great Core Fusion is. I really really want to try it.

    And 10 minute workouts are perfect for me. When I get home from work, I don't want to go back to the gym (I workout over my lunch break), but I need to do something!

  16. Hey! Just found you through my friend Katie. You story is very inspiring! I wish i had warm weather like you! Its a frozen tundra in Albany. Sorry to hear about your car! Enjoy your week!

  17. I love Cascada to work out to. Especially Evacuate the Dance Floor. It's one of my favorite songs of the moment!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your car! That stinks. But you are right, karma will win out in the end.

    That salad sounds amazing! Love the combination of ingredients you put in it.

  18. those zucchini noodles look great, and i totally want a spiralizer :( i have never seen a melon like that... very strange!

  19. Ew! I cannot believe they didn't leave a note! What a jerk! Sounds like a fabulous day outside that little incident though! Always feels good to get a lot done and get some great workouts in.

    That is so cool that you stayed in Mount P! I love living here- everyone is so friendly.

  20. Thanks for the info about the don't need to send me the link. I can find one, for sure. In fact I know I've seen them. I have to wait for a bigger kitchen before I make the plunge and purchase one!

  21. ugh what a butthead that they hit your car and didn't even leave a note. like that's not just a scratch thats a serious dent! damn them.

    good luck with the 30 day shred girl!!

  22. I am just loving that zucchini pasta - it looks so tasty and pretty! :)

  23. Beautiful Shrimp and veggies dish! Making your own sauces is the way to go. I love using lemon and lime juice on so much foor ;)

  24. hit and run? really? really? oh some people.. no respect!

    on a lighter note - those noodles look fabulous :)

  25. Ah sorry about your car! So rude to not even leave a note! Glad you liked Core Fusion! It is a killer workout!

  26. WOW - what a great blog you have! I am so glad I visited! =)

  27. Whole Foods rocks, I can never get enough of that place! BUMMER someone hit your car and left, that happened to me TWICE in the first year I got my car 3 years ago, I was so upset, I would never do that to someone, but karma, I believe in karma so much, u do too I see : )

    Have a great night!! Glad you love my pup pics!!!

  28. Ugh that melon sounds terrible! So sorry to hear about your car too, double bummer.

    Enjoy the Core Fusion challenge! I love that DVD but still haven't gotten to try a live class. I hear the best things from Dori though!

  29. They are some FANTASTIC looking eats :)

  30. Wow, I've never seen zucchini noodles before but they're so cute and fun! Enjoy the Core Fusion challenge!

  31. Hi there! I'm so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it. Thanks for saying hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your car. That same exact thing happened to me a few years ago, only the dent was huge and in the side of my car. I was in tears. I'm glad yours wasn't so bad, but that's still a bummer.

  32. Total bummer about your car but I did have to giggle when you said it was "smooshed"- you have a great attitude. Ack on the smellin melon. Such a bummer when you have high hopes and they are DASHED!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave on my bloggie- really do appreciate it and happy that you've been stopping by to say hi! :-)

  33. Sorry about your car! That fruit object looks interesting! I totally do the 'wanna try this nasty thing or smell this' test with the hubby! They are the best at science experiments!

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like the feel of your blog. I love trying unique/random fruit, but I've never seen that melon! Now I know not to try this one!

  35. I just can't believe people! didn't even have the decency to leave a note!!! DUDE

  36. zucchini pasta toss looks amazing!! i'm so excited for my spiralizer. ps. camera work is looking good. :)

  37. If I ever come across a melon like that I'll most likely avoid it now haha.

    So sorry to hear about the car though, what a bummer! That is just plain rude. They probably just booked it out of there as soon as they did it. Seriously such a pain. I'm glad you still had a great day despite it though! :)

  38. What kind of melon was it? It's sorta looks like a cross btw a squash and an eggplant. :-)

    So sorry about your car. That is so rude of whoever to drive off without even a note.

    Your zuke pasta looks so good. What kind of spiralizer do you use?

  39. i'm so sorry about the car! I hate when people don't even leave a note.

    glad you still had a good day, regardless :)

  40. What kind of melon is it? The pasta looks great with shrimp and zucchini!

  41. That stinks abt the car issues :( My teeth can't take bitter or sour tasting fruit- it makes my whole body cringe!!!!

  42. I know sweatsuits are the best!!!! I hope you have a great day girl!! Paper Plates are so good to workout with !! I am sore!!!! lol!!

  43. Hi Christa...I am testing the comments...lets see if this works!!