Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh the Little things in Life….

Aahhh what a good day. I find that sometimes I take the small things in life for granted. I came home from work yesterday only to find my heel swollen and sore. I know, in perspective, not the most horrible thing in the world but I have to say I was bummed out. I have a hard time sitting still and to be down and out for some time would have been so difficult. I immediately made a doc appt. Now I can handle pain as long as i know I'm not going to make it any worse but I went in to my appt fearing the worst.
Now I gotta say my doctor rocks. He really knows his stuff! He fixed my knee right up last time I started having pain in it. He took a few minutes and said I had Plantar fasicitiis and that I would be ok. I was ssoo relieved. I even asked him if I could continue with my workouts and he said as long as it doesn't bother me too much to go for it. Just wear really good shoes. (Done!)
I left a happy girl and very much in the mindset not to take the little things in life for granted.
I finally even got a call back from a trainer at my gym and we have an appt. for 6:30 am on Wednesday. So glad to start up a whole new routine! So between my heel in recovery and a new trainer I was one happy girl!
A big bowl of oats with greek yogurt and apples also made for a great start to the day!

Know what else makes my day?
Shiatsu Foot Massager! Anytime I can take a piece of the spa home with me it makes my day. I was skeptical at first. Some of these automatic massager things kind of hurt. But this one is awesome. (I’m using it right now as I type even!) Its not too loud, fits under my desk and massages my poor achin feet! Did I mention theres even a heated option?? Aaahhhhh…oh the little things…
My husband likes the fact that it had some free shipping on it from amazon.
Another thing that makes my day??
Home made guac..
The trick to a fabulous guac is hands down the avocados. Overly ripe, strong avocados. Always give them the squeeze and sniff test before buying. There's no real recipe for guac..just the usual goods..
We are spoiled here in California by our abundance of amazing avocados. Cute side story that I found funny. Now I'm originally from Pennsylvania. Guacamole isn't a common condiment there like it is here. When visiting my parents back home I sent my sister to the store for some avocados. She came back with some really bad ones so I told her to return those. She went up to the counter and told the guy..”Hi, Im here to return some guacamoles…” hehehe. Made me laugh a bit. She's so cute, I love her. Ah anyways..the trickiest part to guacamole is removing the pit. Which is made easy by this technique.
1) Carefully slice into the pit
2) Twist
3) Pull
Easy! Just make sure to use a very sharp knife.
I also made my husband some quesadillas. Shredded pork marinated with chilies, cumin, garlic, onions and a bunch of other stuff tossed in a pan and slow simmered.
I fired up our grill pan and toasted up some tortillas.
So good and fragrant! Again no recipe. I just eyeball it all.
My dinner was a big salad with lentils! Im on a huge lentil kick at the moment..
And some Ezekiel toast with laughing cow cheese.
I finished out the night with a big mug of tea. I love making little tea mixtures. I was thinking back to the strawberry tea that i bought earlier. Its mad good but pricey. I can so make my own cheaper. I bought some strawberry tea from Celestial Seasonings..($2.99!) Added in 1 tsp of cocoa powder and chocolate stevia and it was delicious!
What a way to end the night.

So overall it’s been fab. Heel is healing, new trainer so on my way to total body makeover and some good eats. Its the little things in life that I just love so much. What about you?? I would love to hear about the little things that just make your day!

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  1. i'd love that shiatsu foot massager, wow! so great that you like your doc, he sounds like an awesome guy

  2. thanks for the linkage honey!

    and the foot massager and all that one post. TOO GOOD!!!

    Thx for all your rockin comments, you totally make me soooo happy when they come in!!!!!!!!!
    When i do get back to So Cal, we are so meeting up!!!!!!!


  3. That guacamole looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My mom has plantar facitis (sp) too, but has been working through it! It is really important to cherish the small things- its what life is all about!!

    Those avocados look beautiful. I have to get me some lentils!

    Thanks for the link!! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your foot but glad all is well...! I'd be a little freaked out too...! Um and that foot massage thing!?! Yipes I want one!!!

    PS I am always SO JEALOUS of your produce...wah!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my site - you are so sweet!
    Glad to hear the diagnosis wasn't too horrible -it's terrible having to sit still when you're so used to being active! I've been loving avocado lately, so thanks for the pit-removal tip. I'm still working on how to shop for the best ones!
    Little things that make my day are always an unexpected card or phone call from a friend, or even seeing a friend really happy because of some little thing that made THEIR day.

  7. yum - toast, guac, lentils, oats, all looks good Chrysta.

  8. You have a very inspiring and delish blog! I love avocado. Yum!

  9. The Shiatsu foot massage JUST went on my birthday list! THANKS FOR THE TIP! :)

  10. The massager looks amazing! I need to check that out on Amazon now :) I am lovin avocados lately. Your guac looks great!

  11. I can't eat enough avocadoes! Thanks for the guacamole recipe...I can't wait to try it!

    I hope your heel feels better soon. Injuries are SO frustrating! I can't wait to hear about your training session.

    Have a great day Chrysta! I hope you get home before all the rain hits!!

  12. i love when things get checked off my "to do" list! its awesome!

    glad to hear your foot is starting to feel better! I love my ENT specialist the way you love your knee doc!
    and that foot massager is amazing

  13. Whew! Glad you hear that your foot is ok... It's amazing how much we take our little feet for granted... Until something happens!

    All the mexican food looks incredible! :)

  14. Thanks for the link! Good luck with your injury/pain! NEVER fun!

    Oh, and great lookin' Shredded pork and quesadillas! Yum!

  15. That TEA looks amazing! I had no idea they had chocolate stevia. I must find me some ASAP :)

  16. You totally scared me with that potential foot injury! Yikes. You want to send your doctor to the east coast so that he can heal my groin/hip pull?

    Those quesadillas you made for the hubs look AWESOME! As does the guac. There is never too much guac in my life.

    Homemade strawberry chocolate tea - excellent excellent idea. I might have to borrow it.

  17. It's so true, we Californians are totally spoiled by avocados. I forget that other states don't have an abundance of them!

    My heel has been really bugging me too and I've been putting the doctor off for awhile because I guess I'm afraid they might tell me to stop running! So it's good to hear how your appt went! :)

  18. Oh wow- I love guac! Yours looks delicious :) And that massager looks heavenly!

  19. aw sorry about your leg issues, girl.. I know how frustrating that can be! But I'm glad you have such a great doctor!

  20. You have got me cravin some guac girl!

  21. I LOVE guacamole :) Looks like you guys have some great avocados there. Ours are hit and miss usually.
    A little thing that made me happy today??? I get to have dinner at a new restaurant with the girls tonight yay!!!

  22. I would have been scared of that foot massager at first too! I never like the massage chairs at nail salons or things like that, it just feels weird and painful. But I dunno, your little contraption sounds pretty good right now. :)

  23. There is nothing better in life than good guac and a foot massage.

  24. i work at UCLA JOHN WOODEN CENTER- so the gym at UCLA. part time. awww you're lucky! mymom is just set in her habits and it's just a battle that can't be won. it must be about the nuts and mustard. all she does is snip at my food choices and lecture me..seeing as how she's an R.D??!? (she's not.)
    WE SO NEED TO GO TO SOUPLANTATION! i dunnno if they have mustard..which means I HAVE TO SMUGGLE IT IN!!!
    let me know what you think of your trainer. check their cert- hopefully ACE, NASM, or NSCA. and hopefully they cue you correctly- and don't ignore you! i should write/blog my story when i went to go get a free personal training session.

  25. Your pork quesadillas sound fabulous especially with the yummy guacamole!

  26. YUMM, I love quesadillas-- bc it includes guac :)

  27. ahh I want that foot massager! i saw one at brookstone, but it didnt do the job too wel. that looks like the real THANG!!

    the quesadillas look awesome! I dont eat pork but I could sub chicken for sure!

    new trainer? thats so awesome where did you find this trainer?! I am sure he/she could help with your foot issue!!

    I would love to live in CA and have all the avo's I want!!

  28. Hope your heel recover soon with that super cool Shiatsu Foot Massager!! I always want to buy one, so I have have a really good relaxation after workout!

    I think you should post larger pictures, because the food all looks so enticing....haha. Thanks for that pit-technique , that's always the hard part for me!

  29. I am jealy of that foot massager! How great to have! Those 'cados looks soooo yummy! #1 avocado fan here :)

  30. I LOVE cocoa in my tea!!!Yum . Girl - I'm still always READING , but can't always comment cause blogger won't let me do it from home...sorry!!! :(...but I'm here...I wish I could ONLY drink tea @ night after dinner...instead I eat a full dinner and still have a smorgaborg of stuff before I go to bed - full and guilty and anxious and gross about it ...:(....I can't seem to stop it though - and am just angry/frustrated at myself about being such a failure or "too late"...ugh...anyways, nice post.

  31. Jealous of the trainer and all that avocado! That's wonderful.

  32. Glad to hear the doc was able to give you good news! I hope things went well with the trainer!! Let me know. Yum- I just picked up an avocado and had half with my dinner last night...I almost forgot how amazing they are. Totally eating the other half with some eggs tonight! YUM!

  33. That tea mixture sounds so good! And you def know your way around an avocado! xoxo

  34. Oh I had plantar fassciitis one summer! You know what caused it? Wearing flip flops all day! Yep, I would get out of bed and be in serious pain, and I realized when I didn't wear my flip flops the pain went away. My doctor told me if was PF and that it was the flip flops that caused it, yikes!

    I want one of those foot massagers, looks nice! I also like your idea of combining the berry tea with Stevia and cocoa. Love it!

    Have a great day :)

  35. Hello!!!!!!! I hope you are having a great week girl!!!

    Loving the foot massager, that has to be amazing!!! Homemade Guac, I have to do that, my fiance and I love guac and love going out to eat and getting it fresh with chips!!!

    I hope you have a great Valentines Day!! I know you are going away somewhere I think you said, enjoy it!!! Cant wait to hear about it!!! xoxoxo

  36. that tea mixture you made sounds awesome! and actually, all your eats in this post look drool-worthy!! that foot massager seems like it would be soooo relaxing.

    have a great valentines day, love!!


  37. Great guacamole! I'm loving the photoshoot with the sneakers, I have an urge to try that out!

  38. Aw I love this post. Yes- we do take the little things for granted don't we? I relish in the little stuff though- it is what I love about daily life- that we don't need something HUGE to rock our socks off.

    OMG, I love your guac and avocado tutorials. Can you believe I used to not like avocado?? Ahh the horror. I think I was just afraid of the fat to be honest- but now its one of my favorite foods.

  39. Glad your heel is going to be ok. It's great that you have such a supportive dr.

    My parents are from CA, and I love eating avocados straight from the groves there. So good.

  40. THRILLED to hear the training session went well! Its hard to find someone you vibe with and who gives you a great workout! Hope you have a very nice Valentine's Day

  41. The breakfast cookie is yum! I love chocolate protein powder with oats, it is the best!!!

    I love getting comments from you, always make my day!! I hope you are having an amazing Valentines Day weekend with your love!!!


  42. I'm also inlove with avocados especially when mixed with milk...

    Sometimes it's hard to see little things that's why people tend to take it for granted. This is an eye opener, thanks.

  43. hey - I think we have the same workout shoes :)
    AWESOME - I just bought mine & put them on my blog

  44. oh I went back & read more - I have Plantar fasciitis also - from years of working jobs where I walk and stand on concrete alot - retail jobs in HS & College- then as a OT therapist in Nursing homes anyway - my fee hurt alot esp after working all day or after hard cardio workout and in the mornings my heels HURT SO BAD!!- my friend has pf also - she SWEARS by Birkenstocks to cure it - so I just bought some & some insoles
    blessings on that - from one hurting feet girl to another :)