Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quickies and a winner!

Aahh yes…I love President’s day..why? Day off! No shopping plans really, more like some serious couch time! But today, back to work!

The morning started off with my usual big bowl of oats that I love..


And of course coffee. My favorite things about my mornings is my huge cup of coffee. There is also nothing like kicking back and slowly eating some awesome breakfast and coffee.

This morning I trainer at the gym and got my ass kicked. Score!!

Quick rundown:
10 push ups
10 little bigs
10 chest pulls
10 leg lunges, each side
10 russian twists
10 burpees
Repeat 6 times..
Then some plank work and jacobs ladder followed by cardio action. Ouch!

Lunch was a huge salad with of course some slaw dressing, lentils and almond butter with fiber crackers. SO good. New Oxygen mag came in the mail too. I love paging through that!


For a quick snack I ate some cottage cheese lettuce wraps. I am so loving these! Just cottage cheese, red pepper slices and some jicama with pepper. So good!


Dinner was a quickie today (big surprise!)..
Steamed Kale with veggies and sautéed shrimp. I topped it all off with some Peachy Pecan bbq sauce which was quite good!


Later on though my chocolate cravings kicked in and I whipped up some chocolate coconut tofu pudding. I tossed some puffed kamut on top. I like something crunchy with my pudding usually.


Whew what  day! Time has been flying by!
Now time for my giveaway winner!! I popped on over to the random number generator and the winning number is……


Gina from the CandidRD! Congrats girl. Email me your contact info so I can pass it along!
The thing I love about giveaways is there are always more giveaways! Stay tuned for a super wellness giveaway coming soon!

Whats your favorite go to quickie meal on the go?

awesome nut butter giveaway! 
Cool dressing giveaway! 
Vegan anniversary giveaway!


  1. congrats to the winner! great pics today chrysta, everything looks fab! awesome that you had a great workout too, always nice to have your ass kicked every once in a while ;)

  2. Congrats to Gina!

    The red pepper slices and some jicama with pepper. So good girl. Great job. I love jicama and dont buy it alot but this is a great reminder :)

    And great workouts are sooo nice arent they. Love it when that happens!

    the Peachy Pecan bbq sauce = yum!


  3. Love lettuce wraps - need to try those with cottage cheese! My favorite meal on the go is an old standby - banana and almond butter on Ezekiel bread. So tasty and travels well! Have a fab day!!

  4. It's crazy how fast time goes these days! And lettuce wraps are always a good choice since they are easy and yummy. I made those a LOT during my competition prep. Except with chicken. I have never been able to stomach cottage cheese, and boy have I tried.

  5. Congrats to the winner! That pudding sounds delicious. My favorite meal on the go is definitely a PB sammie- quick and delicious!

  6. Hi Chrysta - Your lettuce wraps look like they could easily be my new favorite snack! So easy and healthy.

    Currently my easy meal on the go is eggs with veggies. Just so easy and I always have them in the fridge. Not so creative but it works.

    How insane is this weather? I almost turned the AC on yesterday. I kind of miss the cold!

  7. hey girl! first of all awesome workout and love your healthy balanced meals they always look so fresh and YUMMMYYY

    great workout! love being kicked in the butt by my trainer!!

    quickie meal on the go?! I think that would be a wrap bc I can eat it in the car!!

    I cannot wait till summer for sunnnnn :)

  8. Nice! great workout, I love having my butt kicked! I love a quickie bowl of yogurt, fruit and cereal :) that pudding looks delish, do you have the recipe? Have a nice day!

  9. Chrysta, I just wanted to say I'm new to your site, but I'm absolutely LOVING IT!!!! Love the layout, love the food, and LOVE the reading. :D That is all. :D

  10. genius idea with the lettuce wraps! I have cottage cheese almost every day and this will be a great new way to enjoy it!

  11. That puffed kamut looks good :) And your salad looks nice too! I eat like 1/3 cup of nut butter a day, and don't get me started on nuts ! :)
    I need to explore new crackers, those fiber crackers sound interesting, I want to start trying some new stuff!

  12. 100% agree about the coffee! I loooove everything about my morning java from the smell of the beans grinding, the coffee brewing, and that hot mug in my hands!

  13. Congrats to Gina! Those cottage cheese lettuce wraps sound good! Your steamed kale and shrimp looks amazing too mmm. My favorite quickie meal is either cereal or a salad with a veggie burger on top!

  14. Yum, that salad looks lovely. And I did some pushups myself this morning...I'm trying to slowly increase the number, but man do they kill me!

  15. I can't believe I won!!! Wow, this is so exciting. I can't even remember which one of the three options I chose...do you know? I will send you my address here in a second, thanks so much!

    Ok, so in regards to your comment on my blog, I'm so happy to hear that you have found that a good, well balanced diet has helped you with your muscle cramps. Isn't it interesting how even a little deficiency in fluid or certain electrolytes can really make a huge difference?? I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    I love your peachy pecan bbq sauce, that sounds really good. I bet Nick would love it too. My favorite "go to quickie meal on the go" is probably soup! Doctored up soup, with added veggies and meat or poultry. So good!

  16. Congrats to Gina!

    That workout sounds INTENSE girl. You've got one hardworking trainer...

    I love the looks of those lettuce wraps. I SO don't use jicama enough...it is definitely an underrepresented vegetable!

  17. congrats to the winner girl!!
    those lettuce wraps look AWESOME!!
    and i should have made it more clear-but i cook my egg whites IN the oats and THEN stir on the cottage cheese after! its AWESOME!
    love you girl-you are awesome!!

  18. Yayy for the great workout! I agree- coffee is the best part of the morning. Its like the moment of peace before the chaos truly begins ;) I love the little lettuce wraps- how yummy is jicama? I love that its good raw and cooked! Favorite go to quickie meal- eggs!

  19. hahaha i feel teh same way! i like it when i'm crazy sore! =D

  20. The cottage cheese lettuce wraps sound like a scrumptious snack!

  21. Wow what a fab lunch! I would never have thought to add lentils to the salad - what a great idea!

  22. Love the cottage cheese lettuce wraps. Such a great snack idea!
    Your eats for the day look great! Glad you enjoyed your day off!

  23. Lucky Gina!!! you go, girl!
    Wow, peachy pecan BBQ? What brand is that? It sounds amazing.

  24. Those meals don't look like a "quickie"!! they all look really healthy and yummy!! I love the idea of putting lentils in the salad , currently I am obsessed with this kind of fiber-rich food , haha

    the chocolate coconut tofu pudding sounds very interesting - that's the combination of all my fav !

  25. love the lettuce wraps. i am a fan of wrapped anything!

  26. Congrats to the sweet Gina for winning! Love that girlie!!

    Wow!! Your trainer is kicking your booty!!! I bet it feels great though to do such a amazing workout!!!

    Loving your salad! I always love your salads you put together!!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!!!! xoxoxo