Sunday, September 27, 2009


So introductions! This blog is dedicated to fit living in the everyday world. Its not easy sometimes especially when life gets crazy but I think Ive found some quick and great tips to help make this easier. A bit about myself. Ive been overweight from the time I was little. Not hugely but always on the chubbier side lets just say. Well about two years ago I embarked on a weight loss journey that left me a bit underweight! So now Im working on maintaining a good balance between the two and being as healthy as I possibly can. I understand how hard it is to lose weight and how hard it can to gain some back. And Ive found some great tricks for both. I also LOVE to cook and try to stay as healthy as possible. I steer clear of most processed foods, (with a few exceptions here and there..hey cant be perfect all the time!) I try to maintain a 90/10 split. I try and stay on track 90% of the time but I give myself some slack 10% of the time. I find this is the best way to maintain a balance. Trying to stay on track 100% of the time sets yourself up for failure and honestly you just gotta live a little=) So I will honestly give my opinions on subjects, foods, fitness and everything in between. Although I am NOT certified in anything this is just everything that I have learned, researched and experienced on my own...Enjoy!!!

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