Monday, September 28, 2009

My love for Spin

I love Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. These are my spinning days. I wake up at 4:45 am and I usually get to the gym around 5:20. I do about 40 minutes of warming up, various cardio and weights to get myself warmed up for class which starts at about 6am. I know its bad but I cant eat anything before hand. I know they say that you really should but getting up that early makes it hard for me to eat anything. But I do make sure that I start my day with a big glass of cold water. I absolutely love putting in a hard workout and then coming home to a big cup of coffee and of course, some oatmeal. Overall, to me this is the perfect way to start the day. I get to work around 8:30 and Ive already put in a hard workout and had a nutritious breakfast. Yes it seems really early but for me, once I get home from work I always find small projects of movies I want to watch and that makes working out a bit harder. If I go in the morning I know I will get up and make some me time. Of course when that alarm goes off there are days when its so tempting to turn it off and roll over and go back to sleep but I find my own motivations. If you find yourself in the same situation here are a few ideas that have helped me.

-I always remember how amazing I feel after my workout. I feel super awake and invigorated and really feel like Ive accomplished something for the day.

-I always give myself the 10 minute rule. I tell myself to at least go, workout for 10 minutes and if I still dont feel up to it I can always go home. Almost always once Im there I feel just fine and usually end up having a great workout.

-If this doesnt help, sometimes I just need to turn off the alarm clock, get up and dressed as fast as I can. That way I dont have time to talk myself out of it.

Just rememeber getting a full 7-8 hours of quality sleep is incredibly important as well. Listen to your body. If you are honestly just really feeling like something is off, not just a bit sleepy, taking a day off isnt the end of the world. In fact, your body does need some days to repair itself after intense workouts.

Finding an activity that you love to do is also another way to make sure that you keep up staying active and healthy. If you dont enjoy hitting the gym then find something else! Whether it be walking, running, hiking, biking just about anything! Finding what you are passionate about will help you keep your goals of staying fit, healthy and active!

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