Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cranberry Bliss Raw Balls, Craft Fair and a Give away Winner!

Fabulous day so far! Hit up the gym and had one kickin workout…I rocked the elliptical and then tried out the treadclimber. If havent ever used the treadclimber before one word of advice, pay attention to what you are doing. I got in the zone and started listening to some music and then I just about bit it.


Lets just say I stepped in the middle of the treadmill. Bad move. Still had an awesome time though despite the massive ego blow!

Do any of you have any fun embarrassing gym stories you’d be willing to share? (I’ll admit, I’ve taken a tumble or two off the treadmill and one almost toppled off my spin bike….)

Today I went out the Unique L.A craft show in downtown L.A where my friend was selling some her amazing crafts. Will be cool! She does amazing work so I'm pretty excited to see what she's been making!

I packed some road snacks..Go Raw bars..LOVE these!


Also some club soda with blueberry stevia in it. This stuff rocks my socks off. Not too sweet and just tons of blueberry goodness. You can put it in almost anything. I like it in water, gives a nice light fruity taste without that sugary taste. My mom actually found this at a health food store near her. Good find!


When we arrived there were tons of amazing artisans there selling everything from jewelry to clothes to tea. You name it, they had it!


Wonderful smelling aromatherapy goods.


Delicious teas! I sampled a chocolate, caramel hazelnut tea. Yummmy!


I stumbled upon a wonderful bath and body company. Its called Klean and wow is this stuff amazing. I think I spent about 30 minutes here testing and smelling everything. I ended stocking up on things for myself and some gifts as well!


The Whipped Body Polish is amazing! Not greasy like some body scrubs are. But it left my skin so incredibly soft. Highly recommend these products as they are fabulous. They also come in the most amazing scents ever. I like more vanilla scents usually and I bought the Where Angels Go scent, which is a vanilla angle food cake, some whipped Body polish in Perfect Pumpkin and Brown Sugar and some whipped shea butter in cocoa. Amazing!!!


They also had plenty of delicious foods! This was one dangerous stand as all the cookies look out of this world.

But finally I came across a favorite of mine…


I was ssooo excited when I saw this!! I LOVE this chocolate. I walked away with Coffee and vanilla bean chocolate, Bing cherry, almond and black peppercorn chocolate, orange spice and my favorite a pure 85% cocoa bar.



On my way out I picked up a cute BeerDeer ornament my friend was selling. Cute!


What a day! I came back five hours later shopped out and ready to cook! I whipped up some turkey chili for Austin. Ground Turkey, cumin, chipotle peppers, masa harina, dark beer, chocolate, cumin and tons of kidney beans and veggies.


And some pumpkin pudding for me. (With just a half serving of fiber one! ahha. Im still sticking to my goals…;) )


But this was a container of Chobani, 1/2 c. of pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, a splash of coconut milk, vanilla stevia and some Fiber one on top. I gotta have the crunch in my pudding!

And I got around to making some Cranberry Bliss Raw Balls! These might not be completely raw…but for some reason that is just what I keep on calling them. I used the nut to date ratio from Katie’s fudge baby recipes. It works out great!


Cranberry Bliss Raw Balls:

30 grams of cashews

80 grams of medjool dates

2 Tbs oatbran

1/2 tsp. ginger

1 tsp. cinnamon

pinch of salt

2 Tbs white chocolate chips

1 Tbsp. maple syrup

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 Tbsp. craisons

4 Tbsp coconut flakes (just enough to roll the balls in)

Blend the cashews, oatbran, cinnamon, ginger, salt and chocolate chips together in food processor. When this is ground down fine enough. Add in the dates, maple syrup, vanilla extract. Blend again. Put into bowl and mix in your craisons. Roll into balls and roll in coconut flakes. Top with some cinnamon.

And finally Contest time!! The winner of the Kind Diet Book by Alicia Silverstone is……


Naomi of one Fit Foodie!!! Congrats girl!!!!

Anyways I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday evening and have a great start to the week!!

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  1. Naomi is a total sweetheart and that girl has been winning give aways all over the b'sphere lately! I need to take her to Vegas :)

    The Go RAw bars...I LOVE those things and so does my little girl.

    Your Cranberry Bites. Look Awesome! I just made some gingerbread balls. And also some other balls that I havent posted about yet but I agree that 2:1 ration of Dates:cashews pretty much gets everything off on the right track!

    I have you in my Reader now so I can keep up with you!

  2. YA to Naomi.. that cookbook sounds fabulous.Your craft show looks like such a fun time!! LOVE the ornament! lol :)

  3. The Klean body wash sounds interesting. I'm looking for a new body exfoliant, I wonder if they have any?
    Your soup with the ground turkey sounds so good. I'm very much into soup this season.

    Love the cranberry bliss raw balls! haha, the name is great too. Cranberries are so good for you, so anything with Cranberries is worth trying. And, I usually love whatever it is. I love that tart taste.

  4. Oh that place looks so interesting ! I can even imaging those nice aromas !
    My horrible gym story is also on the treadmill...I dropped my ipod for no reason, and I started to turn around and try to pick it up,...when the treadmill is still running! I totally forgot and had a really bad fall over....the guy running beside me said OUCH for me. so embarrassing...haha
    Have a nice week!
    Tou Tou

  5. wow, those chocolates sound awesome! What fun flavors!

  6. i've def fallen off the treadmill, and knocked myself out. haha. wasn't funny at the time, but now it is!

  7. hahaha I am laughing at averies comment on taking me to vegas!! Thank you so much girl! I truly appreciate it (i knwo it was random) but still, thank you! I cant wait to read the book :)

    those bliss balls look FABULOUS!! have a great day!

    I sent you an email back! :)

  8. I would have been right there with you sampling those teas! :D

    This bar girl needs to get her hands on some of those tasty looking GoRaw bars!

    I'm sure I've got some funny gym stories to embarass myself with, but my brain is so full of Chemistry that I can't think of anything else at the moment...I guess my study break should be coming to an end right about now! Oh joy...

  9. Anything body cream or srub that smells like Vanilla is amazing, but Pumpkin is even better. I would love to smell like pumpkin 24/7...kind of. Looks like you had a productive day :) As for the embarrassing gym incidents, none, unless you count me leaving butt sweats on seats. that is embarrassing :(

  10. yummmmmy those balls look phenomenal!(there's something just not right about that sentence. ;) )

  11. ive definitely flown off my treadmill, and had my pants get caught in the spin wheel and rip apart during a sprint haha. never tried go raw bars (maybe i should add those to my "to try" list!) they look delish. enjoy your day my dear!

    Kristen @

  12. What a fabulous day! Um yah- def done a million embarassing things at the gym :) I've almost fallen off my step several times while teaching (which causes me to turn a purplish/reddish color :)). I also once pulled the emergency cord off my treadmill and nearly ran into the front of the treadmill because I didn't realize it was stopping haha. OWWWW those treats look super good. I need to pick up some dates and try them. Congrats to Naomi!!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    haha I have had so many random treadmill fails that I have lost count :)
    oooh those cranberry bliss balls look so yummy :) Would make a perfect Christmas treat :)

  14. Gosh! That chocolate, caramel hazelnut tea sounds good! I would be sampling several times! ;-)
    And I don't know why, but I love body and beauty products that smell like food. haha!

  15. Oh looks like a great event - I love learning about new products and being able to try new thngs!

  16. I've always wondered how those Go Raw bars were - now I'll have to pick some up! That sounds like such a fun show to go to! The chocolates you picked up? YUM!

  17. I love a good craft show...the perfect place to find unique Christmas gifts.

  18. the blueberry stevia sounds like a great product....

    hey do i remember that you live in the los angeles area (or am i making that up?) we're organizing a blogger meetup in january if you are if you want to come; email me at actorsdiet(at)

  19. wow what a great day and a great post!! those balls sound awesome!

  20. congrats naomi :) & that 'pumpkin pudding' looks really delicious

  21. I've wanted to try those go raw bars for awhile now. I can never get myself to buy them though. I always think I can make something similar. One day I'll buckle down and get 'em!

  22. Look at all of those raw goodies! I've always wanted to try the bars, but they're pretty pricey here. One day!

  23. You had so many great food finds at this fair! I love drinking dessert-flavored teas. They satiate my intense chocolate cravings...sometimes more so even than chocolate can because they make me feel way more full. Although that chocolate you got sounds amazing!

    I love these raw cranberry bliss balls. I need to try some of this raw food dessert making. Sounds super good. And I love larabars so why not make my own?