Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Decemeber!


I cannot believe its already almost Christmas. I'm so excited. I love this time of year. It totally energizes me completely and brings so many memories or warmth and comfort. I've had to take some time off from working out which has been really hard for me!! I had my RMR tested this week and basically wasn't allowed to work out for 48 hours prior to the test then after some bad planning on my part (late nights at work) I missed out. Although I did squeeze in 3o minutes tonight on my trainer so at least it was something! Gotta love indoor biking.

So I wanted to make some changes in my life. I'm not trying to lose weight more just maintain and I just feel like I've been eating too much cereal and simple carbs and sugar! I feel like a puffed marshmallow.


Yuck! The RMR test really helped me too as I know have something to aim for!

So some of my healthy challenges this month for me is:

1) Eat way less sugar…not cutting it out completely but I really have to start limiting my FroYo obsession

2) Watch my cereal intake. While I don't think cereal is a bad thing, eating large quantities in one sitting is probably something my body doesn't need

3) Get on a more regular workout schedule. Ive still been maintaining 4-6 days per week but its all at random times

4) Change up my routine a bit

5) Spend way more time with the hubby and my kitties.

6) Get more sleep and de-stress more!

I just wanted to write these out because I think that once its typed out I will hold myself more accountable for it. And the last one is a huge one for me….

7) No more late night snack attacks!! <—this is huge for me as I sometimes eat when Im not even hungry! Gotta Stop.

So these are my challenges for the month. It takes21 days to make something a habit (or so Ive read) So I’m hoping by Christmas I’ll have some healthier habits. Wow sorry this was long..Probably boring too.

Ok now on with the good stuff!

This week has been crazy!!! So Ive been a bit MIA. So crazy I even had to hit up my trainer instead of the gym. Ignore the mess. Cleaning day is today ;)


I did this while watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Such a great show. Im looking really intense too..hahah.

Eats were fast that day..


Beans with loads of garlic and onion seasoning.


Quick wrap with some cheese, cucs and mustard. And finally some apple cereal!


Yum! There was definitely some cereal action happening too that isn't pictured.

Anyways I'm off for now. But will be back later with some recipes and to announce the winner of the Alicia Silverstone book! Have a great morning!!


  1. Hooray for Christmastime, for sure! :)

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! great shot of you on the bike - i love the hard core facial expression. :) you have reminded me that i definitely need to outline some end-of-year goals/ new year's resolutions. we can all improve in our own ways, huh?

  3. hahaha...i know right? I was laughing when I was looking at some of the pics of me on the bike..there was some where i had this mad face going on..I must have really been concentrating, LOL...

  4. SUCH a great show, I love always sunny, seriously laugh out loud when I am watching all alone!

    good luck with all yoru goals, I know you will accomplish them :)!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved reading yours as well. :-)

    I also like writing my goals because it makes me so much more accountable (or at least I feel like it does) - I love that picture of you on the bike!

  6. Always sunny is my FAV! I could definitely use less sugar/cereal in my life...always a battle.

  7. good luck on all your goals! I'm sure you'll do great with them!

  8. yeah, can't believe its almost X'mas!
    Good luck with your plans :-D I used to eat lots lots of cereal, those big brand names ones. but I find they are quite high in sugar. 1 serving has at least 7g (guess its worse than 2 slices of bread!). Cutting cereal is definitely a good move ! :-D
    Hope you have a great Sunday,
    Tou Tou

  9. Good luck sticking to the goals. I have a few a need to focus on too. Love the serious look on your trainer :)

  10. p.s. those gingerbread balls look absolutely delectable and tasty :)

    have a fabulous evening
    bec xo

  11. I've always wanted to have my RMR tested just so I have a better grasp on how many calories I'm actually burning a day.

    I love all of your goals. You've definitely got some good ones in there. I am a cereal addict as well but cut it out of my life, just because it is so expensive. Pound for pound it's more expensive than meat!

  12. Those goals are SO similar to my own goals, especially the late night eating one. Night gets home late every night, around 10pm, and that's when we always watch one tv show. Of course he always wants to snack, therefore I feel like I should too! We are both working on eating less, especially because it's not good to go to bed with a full stomach.
    Good luck on your goals! Hide that fro yo! Oh, and I like how you said "decrease my sugar intake" rather than "cut out my sugar", which is so unrealistic and usually ends up causing binges!

  13. those raw balls looks AWESOME!! you look so cute on the bike!!! thank you for your encouraging comment! i have one more exam today!!