Friday, February 19, 2010

First week circuit training down..

Hey! How has everyone’s week been? Super busy I'm sure! I finished up my first week of circuit training and I'm loving it. I was really incredibly sore (which I love!) I took today off since my legs were really tired. I'm trying to somewhat stay on a schedule, aiming for 6 days a week but will allow for a rest day when needed.

My new favorite thing ever though…?


The foam roller! 

I have never used this before and I cannot even tell you why not. Its amazing!! Its hurts a bit at first but after using just even a couple of times I could really feel the difference in my back and legs. Highly recommend it for sore muscles! I love rolling out on the floor while watching a movie at night.

The eats for the day consisted of plenty of lentils! Im on a super lentil kick..


Roasted beets, zucchini, squash and lentils. I made a quick dressing with horseradish mustard, apple cider vinegar, stevia and plenty of Italian seasoning.


So good!

Dinner was a quick egg white omelet, veggies and some marinara sauce and parm.


I've been trying to adjust my diet and bit and just stick to proteins and veggies. Which is mainly what I eat anyways but I have to try and give up my beloved cereal (just a bit anyways!) I always get hungry at night for some reason and was told protein was a better snack before bed since it feeds the muscles. Thoughts??
So I swapped my cereal and ended up eating some greek yogurt with cocoa powder. This was ssssooo good! I added 2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder and it got insanely thick and tasty. Topped off with some cacao nibs and I was set to go!


Definitely not the most beautiful thing ever but delicious. I made some cinnamon muffs for the hubs earlier in the week. I completely forgot to take some pics so I snagged one while he was in the middle of eating. Lots of cinnamon in the middle of those puppies!


So I think for the next few weeks I'm really trying to clean up my diet a bit and stick with mainly veggies and proteins with some healthy fats and a few grains here and there. I’d like to really get my body stronger so I'm hoping that now I have a new workout plan my new diet clean up action will get me to where I want to be.
Have you ever rearranged your diet in any way? If so was it to meet a specific goal or just because you felt it was more healthy? Did you find it difficult?

I've been feeling stagnant in my workouts so this week really excited me to get back in action. I think its so important to try new things out whether it be in the form of diet and exercise just to see how the body responds. Have you revamped a certain way of doing things? Were you happy with the results? I'm just really curious is hearing about all your experiences with this!

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  1. just make sure you get enough healthy carbs too k?! so important! i've tinkered with my diet way too many times and have finally accepted that we NEED carbs, fats, and proteins. all of em! i love foam rollers, they work magic!

  2. Hey girl! That roasted veggie/lentil combo looks killer! I don't really think that cutting out carbs is going to be the best way to get stronger- i think its important to eat every food group but just make good choices. When I limit carbs too much I feel like I actually LACK energy and it makes me a bit cranky too! Maybe just limit carbs in your last meal of the day?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. If you are wanting to up the intensity of your training then your body will need carbs. Badly. It's actually the carbohydrate that is most beneficial to muscle building and what your body uses the most to repair itself. Our bodies work most optimally on a balanced diet so try not to limit the whole grains too much. And cereal can actually be a PERFECT post workout meal since it has faster acting carbs, protein in the milk, and not as high in fat so your body can absorb everything more quickly after a workout. Balance is good :) Cleaning up food choices will make a difference definitely, but carbs (outside of veggies) still need to be part of those choices too. :)I've learned a LOT about how bodies function with hard training and diet changes and carbs always always won. :)

  4. I think casein, which is a slow digesting protein, is best to eat at night. It's found in Greek yogurt, so that would be a good snack at night.

    I need to try out these foam rollers, as I've heard about them on several blogs. Nick is always complaining about sore calves and I bet this would help (and I wouldn't have to rub as much!).

    I love your salad creation with the lentils and roasted beets. I'm a HUGE fan of beets!!

    HAve a fantastic weekend, good luck with the new "healthier diet!" Your diet is already super healthy, but hey, if you want to make it healthier, more power to ya!

  5. I agree with everything everyone else has said! Limiting your simple sugars (like in cereal) - definitely a good thing. But your body uses carbs more efficiently than it does any other nutrient...especially during any type of cardio exercise...and so having complex carbs is absolutely crucial! Otherwise your body might start breaking down protein, which is not good. Healthy fats are also SUPER important. I can totally tell when I'm fat deprived...we need fats for our brains to function and to make happy hormones!

    I'm so glad to see you're enjoying your new workout routine. It's definitely fun to mix it up sometimes!

    Those muffins look ultra fabulous!

  6. The lentils and the yogurt looks so good! Never put cocoa powder in them, so I shall try someday!

    I've changed my diet from eating everything to vegetarian, then soon enough vegan. I'm definitely happy with the results because I'm more energized, and my skin, hair and eyes started to glow! On top of that, I feel so much better about myself and what good I'm doing to my body!

    And those muffins look innocently yum! :)

  7. I'm a huge fan of foam rollers! They hurt like a mother, but I can really tell the difference too. I'm trying to build and strengthen right now and want to try to eat a bit less carbs, but they are still really important :) All your eats look delicious, yum!!! Those cinnamon muffs look really good. Have a great weekend :)

  8. I haven't used a foam roller although our gym has one. I am intimidated by it! I just have no idea how to use it and am too lazy to google it. :)

    My diet changes weekly. I try to stick with protein and veggies but sometimes I stick some gluten-free cereal into things because I just need some carbs! But I definitely feel better when I stick to the veggies.

    Have a great day Chrysta! The weather is gorgeous once again.

  9. while i agree with everyone's comments, i think that everyone's body is different, so it's important to be mindful of what it needs/how it reacts to changes in diet.

    i need to make more lentils :)

  10. Hi love!!!!

    I think its awesome you are trying a new routine and trying to get stronger!!! Kudos to you girl!! Its always good to change things up!!!

    Cottage Cheese is a good snack at night too!! I like mine with berries or cinnamon!!!

    I love your greek yogurt dessert! looks so good too!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  11. I always see people using the foam roller but don't really know how to use it...I need to look it up! I've tried to "clean up" my diet for awhile now, and it's amazing how well your body responds to whole foods! I definitely notice it when I've been overdoing the processed foods. My digestive system gets, um, off, and I don't have as much energy. Good luck in your journey to better eats! Have a great weekend :)

  12. i def LOVE switching up my workouts and having new goals! it helps a lot! I recently started doing more weight training and i love it! i think its so good to do different things. i need to get that foam roller! that looks awesome!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE cocoa powder in my oats and greek yogurt! makes a huge difference!

  13. make sure you don't neglect your body of carbs because if you are exercising you need some too. your plan sounds great though and you are so determined- it is really inspiring!!

  14. i've tried doing the clean eating thing w/o the carbs and it was way too hard...i was tired all the time! just be careful with that part!

  15. yay for clean eating! WOO WWOOOO! i love cinnamon. =D

    foam rollers are bomb. once i rolled on it for an hour and totally felt sick coz of the toxins released. anyways, YEAH MUSTARD IS THE BOMB! i haven't forgotten our soon hangout at souplantation with blobs of mustard! =D
    burpees. the best exercise hands down. !

  16. Wow, good for you girl, I could never give up cereal.. I love my carbs! Keep us posted on your diet changes!!

    I need to eat more lentils.. your dish looks delicious! :)

    Happy Saturday, hunny!

  17. Your recipes look delicious! I am a crazed, foam-rolling maniac. If your readers want to check out my easy, short videos for foam roller exercises, they can go to

    Congrats to you for being committed to fitness. I am an RN and I wish everyone were so committed!

    Best to you, Elle

  18. Well lentils are a kick worth having. So good and filling! And a tasty example of clean eats. I love my foam roller too, although I have to admit I use it most often during my physique 57 workouts - I substitute it for the playground ball. It's a little awkward but actually works pretty well because my foam roller has a large diameter. Just a great thing to have around!

  19. YUM! meals look awesome I think you DEF shouldnt cut back on the carbs esp if you are upping your workouts. our body needs the carbs for glycogen, its what they need the most!! You will find you will have SO much more energy and better workouts with proper carbs!

    love the foam roller too after skiing my calves were KILLING me and the foam roller got all the kinks out! loved it!

  20. hey! Good choice! Currently I am eating high protein and low sugar! I feel so much better since eating this way :) Less bloated, more energy, better sleeps, skin is clearing up! Fun!

  21. Chrysta! Hi babe!!!!
    Thanks for the linkage Love :) And thanks as always for your fab comments you always leave me..seriously youre just too awesome!

    Re your weight loss....50 lbs, i had no idea! You are amazing and you should totally blog about that journey, i had no clue, I thought you were always just pretty much the way you are now. Congrats on that awesomeness!

    As for proteins/low sugar or low carbs before bed...I think that's fine. I mean, I feel that food is food is food. I dont really group it into categories but i agree that carbs before bed are prob not the best...however, i have plenty of dark choc before bed and just break all the rules LOL

  22. I usually juice my beets. However, I like the combo you put together.

  23. Hey girl! I've never done a high protein diet so I can't give a personal testimony to its effects, but I do remember looking at studies in my exercise physiology class on post-workout recovery and those who ate higher carbohydrate diets recovered quicker than those on high fat/protein diets (their muscle glycogen stores were back to normal sooner). You can't exercise at your highest potential when your glycogen stores are low and it's not good to continually deplete glycogen without ever letting it get back to "normal".
    However, I'm not discouraging your new plan in any way, because these studies were after hardcore workouts and your body is unique! So basically I just agree with everyone else - keep in some healthy complex carbs! And they're just so darn delicious...:)

  24. I can't wait to try the foam roller! I've heard a couple of rave reviews!

  25. It looks like you are doing an intense training routine, so all the protein will help! I don't work out as intensely, so I keep a moderate protein intake and get most of my carbs from fruits and veggies and a serving or two of whole grains. I would love to hear about your progress!

  26. I'm late to the commenting, but echo what other's have said. You need to up the protein for building muscle, but don't decrease the carbs. If your body isn't getting enough calories, you won't get any stronger.

    I love my foam roller. It's like giving yourself a massage. :-)

  27. I love lentils...yours look quite delish..great blog...I enjoy reading your posts.

  28. Eeekk those veggies+lentils look SO GOOD! I always love your pictures Chrysta!

  29. What's with the foam roller? You use it for Yoga or just for resting? Sorry, not familiar. Anyway, maybe I should try to make some changes with my diet and exercise routine 'coz from what I see I'm not getting my target.