Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok so who saw Lost last night?? Im sssoo totally excited. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I have not been this excited for a tv series in a long time. I'm so curious to see how they wrap it all up. I know they cant possible tie everything up but at least I hope we learn the whole secret to the island/time travel! Anyone have any Lost predictions?? Whose your favorite character? Mine is probably Sawyer.
So I've decided that I am going to change up my workout routine! I've been kinda staying the same for awhile which is ok, but Id like to really put on some mean muscle and kinda shift my whole body around. Im looking into hooking up with a trainer and I cannot wait to revamp my routine. If anything I think its totally refreshing to start something new! At my gym, you have to fill out a questionnaire so that they hook you up with the person that can help you the most. Awesome. Im ready to look leaner and be stronger!
But onto some eats!
I was hopping around this weekend and I came across this tea..
It is soo good. Lovely hints of strawberry and chocolate. Plus its caffeine free! I like to drink it with some chocolate stevia at night. Helps with the sweet tooth!
Lunch consisted of lots of veggies! Roasted broc, onions and spaghetti squash with Kale. So delish! I love veggies because not only do they taste awesome and are fantastic for you but you can eat in volume! ha!
I also have been in the mood for something new. I tried out April’s Low Carb sweet Bread..AWESOME!
Look at that huge loaf it made! I was surprised as to how much it poofed up. It was really moist too.
I cut myself a big slice. I later had another topped with some Barney butter (which is my go to almond butter) Great stuff!
Speaking of Barney Butter…
Thanks for the awesome T-shirt! Its super soft actually which is really nice.
Through out the day I snacked on my new favorite chips.
I cant get enough of these. They are so good!

So much cinnamon and sugar goodness. I do try to avoid sugar when I can but these are such a treat! So good.
Aahh and now its time to curl up on the couch and relax for the day. Maybe with some of my strawberry chocolate tea. Who knows?
So kinda random but I pulled something..I have no idea what..All I know is that my heel hurts like crazy. So Im icing it with some frozen produce. It feels better already! (Although this picture totally reminds me that it needs to get warm soon so I can hit the beach and stop looking so pasty!)

I hope this trainer will contacts me soon. You know when you get super excited for something that its hard to wait? I feel like that now. Time to build some muscle! What are some of your favorite weight training moves?
Any Lost predictions or hopes? Whats going on with Jack, Sawyer and Kate? Do you care to find out more about the characters or the more the island?

I hope everyone is having an awesome week. Almost Friday! yey! Although I am working this weekend. Ah well. Weekends are still good in my book! Night loves!
P.S Dont forget to enter my chocolate giveaway! Deadline is this Friday!

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  1. Haha! Sawyer used to be my favorite character too. Now, I'm leaning towards Miles. He's got such a great dry sense of humor. I'm in stitches when he's with Hurley, they are such a great pair!

    I don't really care about Kate, but goddamn it, I just want the mysteries solved..and I DON'T want Locke dead! bring him back, ppl!

  2. Hi Chrysta! I think I am the only person who doesn't watch Lost so I can't really comment other than to say that guy is totally cute!

    I love your Barney Butter shirt - it looks great on you! Again I may be the only person who hasn't tried Barney Butter yet! Do you see a pattern here? I am way behind everyone else.

    Are you enjoying the weather? Today was so nice but the rain is coming back again Friday!!

  3. ahhhhhhhhhh sawyer. what a nice picture to look at. AHHHHH. loves. =D

  4. I love Desmond!!!! I think he's the best looking guy and I love his accent! Hehe! Plus, there's such a mystery surrounding him! Why was he next to Jack and then not? AND was Jack bleeding because of the explosion in the island? It was a great episode.

  5. I'm the last person on earth to see Lost! I know, I know!

    Your tea looks amazing! And I would so rock a Barney Butter t-shirt!

  6. i hope the trainer contacts you soon too, cool how they match you like that at your gym! sorry your heel hurts, produce icing usually does the trick! nice barney butter tshirt, very cute! oh sesmark makes some great stuff, i've never had that flavor though!

  7. Hey Chrysta!
    you look smokin cute, hot, and adoreable in your tshirt!!!!!! barney butter should hire you to model :)

    the chocolate stevia. I have not tried choc from that brand, but i have tried their french vanilla or vanilla creme, very good.

    The trainer. Awesome and good luck!

    April's bread. WOW that's some poofy volume! Nice work!

    You're a sweetheart, as always, thx for your bloggie support and love :)

  8. Lost...was awesome. I watched it yesterday morning before work, but NO ONE there watched it and I had no one to talk about it with. *Sigh*

    I don't know who my favorite character is, but I've met Hugo!

  9. That's cool about the personal trainer and working on building some muscle! I would be all excited too :)

  10. I've totally got a thing for Sawyer! don't tell my b/f though...

    I haven't watched the most recent episode yet! But I'm pretty excited...

  11. LOVE lost, but I have a serious thing for Sayid. He is definitely my favorite :-)

  12. I shall definitely be searching out some of that strawberry chocolate tea! My sweet tooth needs to be curbed. Somehow. Some way.

    Good luck with the trainer! I definitely know what you mean about waiting. Once I get excited for something, I want it ASAP.

    I'm so sorry about your heel...I'm sure it will get better with some R+R though...

    Happy Thursday!

  13. That tea sounds delicious. I need to break out of the english breakfast habit

  14. you are SO cute in your BB shirt!
    I WANT ONE!!
    i LOVE the looks of those crips..where did you find them?! yum!!
    thanks for your SWEET comment girl!

  15. Looove Sayid and Jack!! And the show gave me a horrible nightmare!!! It was that creepy face John Locke had at the end of the episode. I woke my husband up at 3 am almost in tears! Eek!

  16. UMM- so so excited for Lost! We had dvr'd it because Josh had a bball game Tuesday and just watched it last night- ah! Prediction (not my own...heard it and totally agree)- Jacob had taken over Sayid's body. Do you listen to Jay and Jack's lost podcast? If not- you should...i love it! Yummy eats. Love the platter of veggies- I eat them in bulk too. Does you gym have body pump? You should give it a go- might be a nice complement to your trainer.

  17. when i looked really fast it looked like sawyer was fist pumping!

    yes, jersey shore has rotted my brain

  18. i go to some place in the valley called Salsa and Beer. check it out! i'll go with you if you want! OMG i sneezed and i felt like my abs RIPPED! AUGH!!!

    omg. there is this chick that dresses up JUST for teh guys in the gym. she does not sweat at ALL!!!!!!!!

  19. you are looking so hot girl!! Barney Butter is so good I hear, I cant find it anywhere, need to try it!!!

    OMG that tea looks amazing, i must find it, and the chocolate swetener, so yum, they are so expensive though : )

    I have no idea what is going to happen on LOST, Im LOST, lol!!! I love the show!!! I am team Sawyer too, Jack is way too cocky!!

    Hoe you have a great weekend, yay for getting a trainer, I think that will be great, lean and mean!!!!!!

    Hope your heel feels better too!!!

    Muah! xo

  20. you look so cute in the barney butter shirt!! i love it

    i actually DON'T watch lost =-o

    yay for switching things up!
    have a great day

  21. I love LOST!

    Great job with the switch up! I learned so much when I worked with a trainer. That barney butter shirt is adorable. I've never tried it before, but I plan to soon!

  22. Can I just say that I am even more "Lost" than before. It was a great episode full of so many more questions. My favorite character is Hurley. I love the comic relief he adds to the show.

    That Barney Butter shirt is too cute. I love it!

  23. you are so freakin cute! I love thst shirt!! where did you find that?? haha so great!! the low carb sweet bread is awesome isnt it?? I added too much stevia in it the first time I baked it-woops! it was SUPER sweet bread!

    i always ice with frozen produce as well, ice packs are overrateeddd

    sadly I dont watch lost, btu I know the HUGE hype around it!

    happy friday girlfriend :)

  24. Nick loves that show and he made me watch it with him the other day. Of course he took me through a "brief" overview beforehand, but heck I was still confused. I did enjoy it though, and I think Sawyer and Kate will definitely end up together, it's so obvious. He's heartbroken now, but he will heal in time :)

    I LOVE that Barney Butter shirt. I want one! Barney Butter are you out there? I want one too! And a free lifetime supply of Barney Butter of course.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. Thanks for linking back!! :) That sweet bread sure looks yummy!


  26. Do you like the chocolate stevia drops? I have only tried vanilla but wondered what other flavors to try! :)

  27. AHh you look like such a doll in that shirt!!! ;)

    This is kinda late SOOO I hope you enjoyed Lost!!

    Happy weekend, hun!

  28. Hi Chrysta!! I'm so glad you found me too :) Looks like we have a lot in common, so glad you like my site! I used to watch Lost, but then I got too lost lol Hope your heel gets to feeling better, yes rest is good :) You have to try the strassburg sock!!! It can do wonders for plantar fasciitis. And I think if I can work it out, I will definitely go for the napa ride :)

  29. Low carb bread looks VERY interesting!! there is no flour in it only wheat bran?!! cool. I won't feel guilty eating a big slice then :-D haha. it's a really good recipe worth checking out!

  30. Those chips look amaaazing! Crunchy and crispy, I can imagine. I'm glad April's bread turned out nice in your oven - I can't wait to try it myself! Yum!

  31. I would love that strawberry chocolate tea! Loved watching lost this week but they have a lot of explaining to do in a very short time :)

  32. that shirt looks so comfy! i have yet to try the joy that is barney butter...

    i love LOST! i am happy/sad that it's back on (sad b/c it means it'll be over soon). dunno if you saw my post about it, but i have a snippet of an interview i had with Daniel Dae Kim (who plays jin) on my website:


    lost was not very good this week! new people!?!? we haven't even gotten answers on the OLD people!

  34. What a cute Barney Butter shirt! Love it! I love your blog girl, can't wait to read more!

  35. Hey! Im new to your blog-actually to blogs in general-haha im a comment virgin! Anyway, Im 25 and have a similar outlook to you-eatin healthy, running, and LOVE lost! Sawyer is MY FAVORITE!!!! I adore him :) In close second is Sayid and Desmond. Im so sad about sayid and locke, they better not be dead!! Have a good one! :)