Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Monday!


This morning started off great! Sweet spin class…then lunched on some veggie soup and a quick wrap with some tofurky, mustard and cucumbers and a fresh satsuma orange.



The Tofuky I tried out in my wrap was really good. It was a cranberry and stuffing flavor. Pretty holiday-ish.


Delicious! I showered fast with some Klean whipped body polish. I cannot get over how awesome this stuff is! I used a Pumpkin spice whipped body polish followed up with some Angel food cake smelling body soufflé. Yum! I smell like dessert. Its great.

Then back to work time. After work though I had to get my shop on! The realization that the holidays is just around the corner finally hit me. Ack! Time to get it in gear. I finally went to this new mall that just opened. I have been avoiding it because well it just opened and its the I thought it was going to be a total mad house. But really not so bad. I ended up walking out with too many things for myself. I hate when i do that! hahah.

Massive perfume headache now though. I think I must have tested out about 50 perfumes. Ugh. Do you ever avoid malls and stores around the holidays? (I certainly do! Well certain ones anyways=)

When I got back I was super hungry for some reason. I whipped up some tofu peanut butter pudding and topped it with some chia seeds, coconut, goji berries and some raw cacao nibs. It was ssooo good!


It was super comforting and just hit the spot. Now Im off to see if there is a Criminal Minds on. (When is there not?) I absolutely love that show. Anyways have a fabulous night everyone!

Tommorrow morning tickets for the UT game are on sale. Its gonna be tough to get but we are getting ready for it. Wish us luck!


  1. ahh I hate perfume headaches whenever I walk into a dept store i jus tlook down and walk so fast bc I don't want all the handout samples from the perfume ladies!
    I got the book! thank you so much! I can't wait to read it!!!! and love the card, you are too sweet :)

    tofu peanut butter pudding?!?! I would LOVE that recipe!

  2. Yum, cacao nibs and goji berries! Sounds like a nice combination.
    I am actually one of the people who avoids the malls like the plague around the holidays. I have been there once, and that was at the beginning of December. I haven't been back since, yet I'm already 80% finished with my shopping!! I go online or go to strip malls, which tend to be more bearable for me.
    Have a great day!

  3. ahaha well today was 3 30. i can't sleep at night. sad, right?
    banana pictures are just hilarious. hilarious.
    I REMEMBER THAT ONE! i like when he succeeds. it's kinda amazing how much food that man can put away! the johnny b good challenge was CRAZY!
    what do you mean, breakin' up the workouts? oh yeah, i always do cardio first and then weights. i'm weird like that.

  4. Department stores are totally madness at this time of year. I went into Bloomingdales the other day at 3pm and it was CRAZY!!

  5. for some reason.. i cant stand Tofurky!! maybe its bc im not a are so many varieties though! i think its an acquired taste?

    i really wana try cacao nibs and goji berries! i see them all over the blog world!

    good luck w. the tickets girl!

  6. Hey that Tofu peanut butter pudding looks pretty you just blend tofu and pb together??? I am a big lover of both, can't wait to try it!!

    yeah, u just remind me that X'mas is just two weeks away! i am so busying with finals, and didn't prepare any gift yet!! not to mention there is a big family I need to consider:-D gotta catch up with that too!

    Tou Tou

  7. i haven't had that flavor but some of the other tofurky flavors are great!

  8. Sounds like a very nice Monday overall! I avoid the malls at all cost after the first week of December! We have an outdoor shopping plaza in our town center and thats the only "mall like" place I am willing to go :) Great lunch- love a good veggie soup

  9. "tofu peanut butter pudding and topped it with some chia seeds, coconut, goji berries and some raw cacao nibs. It was ssooo good!" God it sounds awesome!!! Love the flavor combos!

    Headaches and perfumes...YES! I am really chemically sensitive and certain perfumes just give me an instant brain jolt and the lingering effects last all day. So I def avoid crowded dept stores on weekends! ha!

  10. I can't believe I still haven't tried tofurky - the cranberry and stuffing flavor sounds interesting.

    I've been thinking about running during work, do those Klean whipped body polish thing work? Where did you get them?

  11. tofu peanut butter oh my! that sounds terrific!

  12. oh my, that pb tofu pudding sounds great, especially with your toppings!

  13. I have yet to try the goji berries but they always look so good!

  14. That pb tofu pudding sounds amazing! How did you make it??

    I definitely try to avoid malls around Christmas time. I am all about the online shopping. For sure. Although I did brave the huge Macy's in Herald Square the other day and the crowds outside the store were actually infinitely worse than the crowds inside. Go figure.

  15. Tofu pb pudding sounds like a win!
    I agree with Joanne I want a recipe :)

  16. Hey all!! Thanks for all your amazing comments so far!=) Made my day! The PB pudding that i make is here:
    Also you can sub regular PB too. Its super easy! I just add PB to taste. (and water thin it out and some stevia) Another great way to make it is 2 packs of silken tofu, 1 pack of Mori-Nu vanilla pudding mix and about 1/2-3/4 c. of PB. Its awesome this way too!! Enjoy!

  17. ick, perfume headings are the worst!!! The same things happens to me when my mom insists on spraying mass amounts of Febreze around the house... awful!

  18. Eek perfume headaches! Oh I know what you mean...For me, though, the worse is the headache you get from all the loud music...

    I've always been meaning to try those cacao nibs...but I just can't to seem to be able to fork over the money to get them! lol.
    I've tried goji juice though. Someone gave it as a gift. :-)

  19. Whoa, that Tofurky flavor sounds incredible! I've never seen it. Definitely keeping an eye out. YUM!