Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Workouts and baking bonanza!

Im usually a very early riser but today, for the first time in months, I slept in until 9am! Whoa! lol. Not that late but late for me! Im usually up at around 7 am for some reason. I think my body is just used to getting up then. So I feel really rested but a tad on the groggy side. Nothing a big cup of coffee cant fix though. My amazing mother sent me some more coffee. Seriously I cant find a great coffee place in L.A! If anyone knows of one Id love to find out…But anyways she sent me a coffee called Holiday Spirit which is chocolate, caramel and awesomeness in a cup. Next up was a pound of eggnog coffee. Im in love. My brother even rocked out and sent me some coffee too. What a fabulous family. Jazzy Java and Jamacian Me Crazy. Thanks Drew!

I drank two gigundo cups out of my pumpkin mug then its off to the gym!


My legs are sore!!! Yowza! My brain is having fun but my legs are saying stop. I did about 60 minutes on the elliptical with a 15 minute cool down. Fabulous! Ive been really hitting the cardio up. I usually do this on holiday week so that I can enjoy some extra treats that I normally don't have. It helps me balance it out a bit.

So my cookie-a-thon continues! Peanut butter cookies with a dark chocolate drizzle, Jackson Pollock style, and then I showered them with some crushed, toasted nuts and some cane sugar.


I found this cane sugar at my local health food store and I love it! Although I think its a bit like brown sugar as it clumps real easy. I’ll have to throw some bread in the next bag.


I like it because it has a very nice rich molasses-y taste to it.

Then of course I had to make the infamous rum balls. I hope mine hold up to Mimis!! Pressure is on. They are still solidifying in the fridge though at the moment.

I made a quick lunch of some spaghetti squash and roasted broccoli.


Also, the people from Okinos were so incredibly kind and sent me a few coupons for some free yogurt to try out. I tried out the plain first and topped it with some chopped apples. Very tasty!!! I enjoyed this alot for lunch.



Ah finally raw ball time. These are my favorite snacks!

I started off making some dark chocolate ones..


Then I had to make the cranberry bliss ones. I think these are my favorite so far.


Then I finished up with some classic gingerbread balls.


I took some of the chocolate ones and rolled them in some crushed peanuts as well for some added crunch.


I cannot wait to tear into these tommorrow! Although I made sure to save some dough for myself=)


Aahhh I love being able to lick the bowl guilt free!


For dinner I was trying to clear out as much space in the fridge as possible to make space for the feast tomorrow. I ended up using up the last of the spaghetti squash, brussels sprouts, onions and veggie burger. I sautéed these all up until nice and crunchy and topped it with a quick dressing of sour cream and salsa. Very cool little mixture!


And now its time to decorate some sugar cookies and also prep for tomorrows feast. Going to be so fun. I plan to wake up early so I can get a good session in at the gym before I start cooking in the morning. It will feel so good to stretch the muscles out as I am a bit sore today. Even Max was giving me his best stretchin pose..


They will be feastin too tommorrow on tuna and cat treats=)

Do you have a favorite stretch? Anything you like to do in order to help relieve some muscle tension?

Have a fabulous evening everyone!


  1. have fun at tommorows FEAST!! thats awesome! YAY For sleeping in til 9am!! thats early for me!! hehe :)

  2. Good call adding more cardio to your workouts. I've just been increasing my workouts, as in rather than 5 days this week, I've worked out each day! Ugh, not so fun, but worth it!

    I see you are liking the spaghetti squash. Have you ever added a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on top? I treat it like sour cream, and it's SOOOO good!

    HAve a Merry Christmas :)

  3. I am such a cardio addict and not being able to run right now because of my leg is driving me crazy! I've actually turned to biking though which is HARD but fun. That coffee sounds amazing! I usually order mine from New England Coffee. Pistachio ice cream is my flavor of the moment, although their tropical coconut is super delicious as well. I LOVE flavored coffee (as long as it isn't Dunkin Donuts). Your treats look so good! Those cookies - fabulous. And of course I love your raw balls. Note to self - make them after the holidays.

    Merry Christmas! Have fun tonight and tomorrow!

  4. Dark choc, and cranberry bliss, and gingerbread...YUMMMMMMMMMM
    Can I help you eat them?!?!

    And this:I drank two gigundo cups out..
    ME too girl. Love the gigundo cups!

    Stay tuned for a post from me, your name is gonna be mentioned :)

  5. Have a blast with the feast!!

    My favorite stretch is when I'm laying in bed and I stretch my arms and legs are far out in opposite directions as I can. I feel like it makes me at least half an inch taller! :)

  6. DO you have a foam roller? It feels SO GOOD on my hips. I also like to stretch my soaz and hip flexors in any way possible... just crossing one leg over the other and "sitting" on one leg feels amazing.

    Have a great feast!

  7. Your lunch looks perfect... squash and some broc!! YUM.

    ENJOY your fest, hun!! I wanna see pics :)

  8. haha I love how you call them raw balls. hahah it could be dirty, but i'm sure you didn't mean it that way ;) They looks fabulous...I've never had a chance to try raw balls, but they sure look like they'd be awesome!!

  9. Chrysta,
    Regarding your comment on my blog, the phone does have to sit on my bed with me. It sits up in the corner, and detects my movements! I didn't like having the phone on the bed at first, but it's no big deal really. I love this application!

  10. Ohh, I had spaghetti squash last night too! SOO good, and so easy to prepare!

    Hope you have a Merry, healthy and joyful Merry Christmas, love!! <3

  11. lol jackson pollack style cookies, i love it! merry xmas!!

  12. Fave stretch is cracking my back! Lol, I'm a really LOUD back-cracker.


  13. I hope you are having a merry christmas. You are very creative.

  14. I used my Yoga socks this morning. LOVE THEM! Thank you so much!
    I hope you have a merry Christmas!

  15. OMG! I have been at home with an oven within arms reach and still have yet to make a spaghetti squash! thanks for the reminder!

    Merry Christmas!