Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back from a little vacay…


Back from my little weekend getaway. I absolutely love little mini vacas once in awhile. It felt so great just to get away for a bit and just completely reset. Oh yeah and it was in vegas!! woot! Did I win my millions??…sadly no..but I still had a great time. I hit the gym every morning and played alot of Pai Gow. Unfortunately I took my crappy camera with me..(I wasnt about to take a good camera to vegas..!) and I so forgot to charge it. So no pics. Ahh well. I think they frown on that anyways inside the casinos. Despite having a good time I was glad to be back.

Back to my huge wonderful veggie bowls…


A wrap with some laughing cow cheese, radishes and tomatoes..



And even an awesome workout to boot too! Ahh good to be back.

I was seriously craving all this stuff while I was gone. Even though it was only a few days its funny the things that you start to miss.

For dinner I really just wanted a huge filling pile of veggies. No real recipe but just kind of what I threw together.


Sweet Potato with Kale and Ancho Chili Cherry Beans

1/2 sweet potato

2 c. kale

1/4 onion, sliced

1/2 c. beans ( I used kidney beans since it was what I had, but black beans would have been awesome too!)

1 Tbsp. garlic

3-4 large cherries, pitted and diced

1 tsp. ancho chili sauce

stevia in the raw ( I used roughly 1/4th packet to taste)

salt and pepper to taste


Steam bunch of Kale. Place steamed sweet potato on top. Grill up onions and pile on. Heat beans, cherries, garlic and anchos. Slighty smash and pour on top. Season to taste with stevia, salt and pepper and enjoy.


So fast, easy and tasty. Kind of a sweet and spicy combo.

When I got back I had to run to Whole Foods and grab up some of my beloved squash.


Roasting in the oven now and getting ready to be topped with some almond butter.

Right now its cold and rainy again…(cant believe Im saying that! ha!) and Im so rocking the jammies and getting ready to put on a movie. Its just one of those perfect nights for it.

Do you enjoy little mini vacas? If so what are some of the things that you miss the most while you are gone? Do you have any favorite places you like to hit up?


  1. Im glad you enjoyed your mini vacation! I never really get to go on vacation... but i love to have stay-cations and to just lounge about my house in my pj;s baking cookies and watching movies :)

  2. Mini vacations are the best - I'm off to one tomorrow :) Your sweet potato kale & beans dish looks excellent!

  3. wlecome back from the mini vacay!
    the Sweet Potato with Kale and Ancho Chili Cherry Beans looks great!
    Thanks for all your great comments lately on the yoga posts; re weightlifting, glad i could help that no, I dont do it. Just my own body weight.

    And also with patience, not overscheudling, finding your calm, all that jazz girl...soooo happy for you!!!!!!


  4. glad to have oyu back! mini vacas are the best, so important for mental health ;) your squash looks so pretty---is that a kabocha? i need to branch out from my delicata rut!

  5. i am glad you enjoyed your vacay! nice :)

    your recipe looks great!

  6. I wish I lived close enough to Vegas to count as a mini vacation! That's a cross country trip for me! But yes I live for long weekend getaways...! In the winter heading upstate to the Hudson River Valley is a fave and in the summer - Nantucket. I do always miss my own bed though!

  7. AHH mini vacas are the best.. welcome back!!

    Kale and sweet potatoes?? OMG my 2 favorite foods.. that looks fabulous! ;)

  8. I LOVE mini vacations! And, I've never been to Vegas. This last summer we went to Port Clinton on Lake Erie for a wedding. It was a two day mini vacation and I had a blast. I always miss my healthy food though, quite truthfully. It's hard eating healthy when on vacation! It's easier when on mini vacation though., because you aren't health-food-free for very long. The food in Vegas is AWESOME I hear!
    Glad you had fun.

  9. I would kill for a vacation....I will never in this lifetime go on any vacations.....something to look forward to the "next" life! Glad you had a good time.

  10. That sounds so fun! I could use a mini vacay right about now ;-)

  11. So glad you enjoyed your vacation....where did you eat? Where did you stay?

    I love Las Vegas for 2-3 days and then I'm ready to leave. I also love San Fran for little vacations. They have the best food anywhere!

  12. I love vacays! I'm going to Key West for a long weekend/wedding in Marcha and I can't wait! Glad you're back!

  13. KABOCHA!?? =D
    ahhh you should have stopped by sherman oaks to say hi! =D

    anyways, spicy mustard- HOW SPICY? i'm intrigued!
    i just had mustard on brussel sprouts. =D
    hey that recipe for teh dressing sounds good- can you apply it to honey mustard? i wonder. =D

  14. Ancho Chili Cherry Beans... did I read that right?

    Where in the world do you get those?

  15. glad you had a good weekend :) So jealous of the kabocha! I can't find it here, and I miss it!

  16. Hey girl!!!

    Thanks for the sweet words!!! Wedding stuff is stressful!!! It will all be okay though, we are having a very small wedding!!!! Small and special!!

    Oh I love mini vacations!!

    One thing I miss though when Im away is either my son, if he is not with me on the trip, and I miss being on my regular schedule!! It always gets messed up while away, hard to keep a routine then!!

    Have a great day girl!! xoxoxo

  17. I love vacation! I missed your yummy food posts :) Glad you are back and well rested.

  18. Yum! Your food looks amazing! I'm so glad you had fun in Vegas! I'm dying to go myself! Hopefully the BF and I will get around to it soon!!!

  19. I love mini vacations but after they are over I am usually super ready to come back to my healthy food. The recipe you chose to make when you returned looks wonderful! I need to get back to eating sweet potatoes.

    I'm so glad you had fun! I've never been to vegas...hopefully sometime in the near future.

    Happy hump day chica!

  20. welcome back!! I love mini vacays!! i am taking one in a couple weeks. It is such a nice break from the normal rountine!...and vegas NICE! with mini vacays I like to go to different places! some warm, some cold, all over and make it short adn sweet so much so that i will want to go back!

  21. mini vacays are the best :) It's wonderful getting away for a few days and breaking from the rigidity of life! Though i'm not gonna lie, i'm glad your back. Missed ya love!

  22. What a fun mini-vacay! My bf's parents live in Vegas so I hope to be able to do minis there more often. :)

  23. I loooove vacations. I'm going to Cancun for Valentine's Day and I can't wait!

    Love that you used Laughing Cow cheese on your wrap. I was just telling someone how good it is!

  24. SHERMAN OAKS! HOLLAH! awww you're in the marina area? like marina del rey? i ran my race there! and i was in long beach for the wedding last last week!

    i KNOW he's insane to eat that stuff! AWESOME telivision. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND TTYL!

  25. I love mini vacations to Vegas! So much fun

  26. i love mini vacays. need one. actually, any recommendations for day trips from l.a.?!

  27. Oh I'm loving that mix with sweet potatoes - looks great!

  28. glad you had a good vaca!! i don't think i've put nut butter on my squash, but i roasted some last night i may just have to try it out soon :)