Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!!


Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and fabulous holiday! Mine was pretty low key. I’ll recap my NYE.. Started off my day with some oats and a workout!


Yeah calorie buster! When I got back though it was definitely time for some lunch. I made a quick salad with cucumbers, broccoli sprouts and some mandarin oranges. (With some vegan slaw dressing of course!) It was a wonderful combo of sweet and tart!


I roasted up some Kaboucha squash and I was really excited because i had an empty almond butter jar. I whipped up my steamy squash with cinnamon, vanilla stevia and a splash of almond milk and dumped it into the jar. It was AWESOME!! Why have I not tried this before? The hot squash melted all the almond butter into it and made for a super delicious combo. Im hooked!


For New Years eve we tried to go out to my favorite restaurant ever, Kay N’ Daves. I was super excited for some awesome healthy Mexican food and was so bummed that when we got there, they were closed for New Years!! aahh. Bad planning on our part. Super starving and I so didn't have the patience to drive around on NYE so we stopped by the grocery store, picked up a few things and booked it home. So no worries. We whipped up a quick and tasty instant dinner! Sometimes I think its nice when things happen just randomly. Makes it more fun in a way.

I ended up making my own pizza kind of thing. Just a ton of veggies with some melted mozz and then some marinara to dip in.


Craving some veggies too so a repeat of lunch.


Austin had some ‘real’ pizza! Meat lovers on a rising crust.


We spent the night curled up and watching a bunch of movies. We saw 500 Nights of Summer, Slumdog Millionaire and The Box. My favorite was Slumdog by far.

Today though I havent been too hungry for some reason. It happens so Im just kinda picking my way through the day and making some New Years Goals!

New Years Goals:

1) Enjoy and appreciate my health to the fullest. I plan to try and do what's right for my body and not necessarily what I “think” I want it to be. =)

2) Live in the moment more and stop worrying about the future so much. Just enjoy what I have right now!

3) Visit family much much more.

4) For my workouts Id like to step it up and mix it up!

5) Stop calorie counting and just eat intuitively.

6) Plan for some new adventures! Id like to travel more or at the very least find some cool things here in L.A to explore. There's a lot to do!

7) Say hi to random people on the street more.

8) Be happy and Healthy and find an inner peace!

Thats all I got at the moment. Might end up tacking some more on. Even though these are a bit vague I think they will help me find a balance for the New Year which Im very excited for.


Since I've been in a snacky mood I made up some Oh She Glows inspired crackers. I'm still playing with the recipe and will post when I get the consistency a bit better. I used brown rice, quinoa, chia seeds, poppy seeds, roasted garlic, caramelized onions and braggs in mine. (Along with some sea salt and pepper). They were very crunchy which was nice. Very hearty.


Dinner tonight was some black eyed peas and greens. I gotta have some good luck in the coming year!


I guess I am a bit superstitious! Do you have any good luck foods that you eat on New Years?

Growing up my mom always made pork and sauerkraut (well Tempeh and sauerkraut to veganize it) and black eyed peas. Id love to hear what good luck foods you made for New Years!


Take care and happy new years everyone!!!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out!!

    Your NYE sounds great. I am impressed by those crackers. Holy Yum!!

  2. MMMM> that jar breakfast sounds YUMMMYYYY! =D happy new year! glad you started off the year with A KICK ASS WORKOUT!

  3. Great looking crackers!
    Sorry that when you got to your fave spot, they were closed for New Years. When we lived in both NC and SC, we learned that those places closed on holidays and so going out for Xmas Day Meal was not gonna happen. I grew up in MN and IL where places were open, and in CA usually everything's open, so I am suprised and that sucks big time, sorry but your attitude is great :)

    Great goals and happy 2010 Chrysta!!!!!

  4. totally re: supporting friends. i know, i dunno what to think about her anymore! yeah, the bbq place was great- you get to cook your own meat! too bad chicken breast sticks like GLUE on a lubed grill, but they flavored it with cilantro limey stuff so it was DIVINE. the broccoli was steamed in a foil package with some sort of soy sauce marinade. zucchini was with sesame and salt. delish. try it. I KNOW i hate smelling of it afterwards- i didn't get beef, but my lunch dates did, so i still smell of it! you have a good workout tomorrow TOOOO

  5. I love black eye peas. It's what I eat for NYE as well.

    I've always wanted to do the oats or squash in the nut butter jar but I worry about melting the plastic. Is that not an issue?

    I look forward to the cracker recipe!

  6. i have no good luck foods.. i need to start some kind of tradition! & i love all your goals :) esp the eating intuitively one!

  7. Your sweet and tart salad sounds yum! I love mixing flavors together :)

    I love 500 days of summer- soo quirky!
    Slum- was super sad :(

  8. and me both girl!!
    love it!
    your tacos look AWESOME! lovin the mexican food!! KIAJ..wonderful! barney butter is seriously the BOMB.

  9. whoa that was quite a workout you did! i loved 500 days of summer and slumdog too. i support you 100% in all of your goals for 2010, i know you can and will accomplish all of those things!

  10. Thanks for always bestowing me with such sweet comments my dear. Aaaaahh I LOVE kabocha in a jar. Almost beats oats in a jar I think. It takes me forever to eat too. :)

    Happy New Year Christa!

  11. Happy New Year my dear! It sounds like you had a good one. I loved slumdog as well. My favorite out of the three you saw.

    The kabocha in a jar sounds awesome. Note to self - eat most of a jar of almond butter. Then stuff it with steamed kabocha and enjoy.

    Your workout must have been intense! I really want a polar so I can actually know how many calories I burn in a workout. I love your resolutions. I finally stopped calorie counting over the summer and boy is it liberating. It was something I never thought I'd be able to do so I stopped little by little until I gave it up entirely.

    I hope to live more in the moment also. And just appreciate the little things.

  12. One of my MAJOR goals is to live in the moment more, and not plan things so far ahead all the time, in my head! I go over the future, whether it's next year, or next month, or the next minute, all the time! It just causes me stress, not good. Even just the small little planning I do way too much, like planning groceries, can be stressful for me because I thing I do it too much.

    I love your kabocha and peanut butter creation! That sounds amazing.

    Happy new year to you!

  13. Wow,props to you for such an intense workout!! All your eats look amazing.. esp those black eyed peas and greens. YUM :)
    Happy New Year, Dear.. I wish you the best in achieving your 2010 goals.. they seems very attainable! :) :)

  14. Love the goals! And what a great workout and eats for new years....I am impressed ;-)

  15. Glad you had a nice relaxing New Year's! Too bad about the Mexican restaurant!! Great goals for 2010!

  16. Wow, must have been a great workout! Great list of goals!

  17. happy new year to you !!!!
    that calorie buster looks cool. I always want to get something like that :-D

    I hope you can achieve all those goals!! yah 2010!!

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leading me to yours. Your story is inspirational and I love your attitude and goals!

    Wishing you lots of luck in the upcoming year!

  19. i've never heard of kay n dave's - it sounds great!

  20. happy new years!!! :)
    i really like all of your goals, especially living more in the moment. I too find myself worrying too much about the future when I should be enjoying the present.

  21. I'm glad you found my blog! I love yours!!!

  22. I saw the recipe for those crackers too - I really want to give them a try!
    Those goals are great. Especially stopping calorie counting.

  23. Look at you and your fab goals! Sounds like your 2010 is off to a rockin' start. :)

  24. hahhaah i've never been to a real live game, but i love watching hockey on the telly! =D fights are AWESOME. =D
    ..good guess! but that's not it! you'll get it soon! i KNOW ISN"T THIS WEATHER AMAZING!!!!!! =D
    have agreat day- i'll get my camera soon, no worries!

  25. I've been dying to try kabocha in a jar.. now I really want to!!