Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new!

Last day of my fabulous and wonderful vacay. I was lucky enough to get two full weeks off and I enjoyed it to the max. Now time to buckle down and get back to real life tommorrow. Today was so toasty warm out so I ended my vacation by taking a fantastic walk. I just wanted to be outside so I wandered around all afternoon. It was a perfect day.

The morning started off with the usual oats and workouts. My goal has been to expand my workouts and try all new stuff. So after my cardio sesh I hit up a new abs class. It was f-AB-ulous. (couldn't resist) Little sore but doing good. What I love about working out is you can keep the whole ‘out with the old and in with the new’ mantra the whole year! Each day no matter what, you can always hit the gym and sweat out your old self and break in a new healthier version. I love this outlook and being able to start over new and fresh each day.

I was having a BPD (Bottomless Pit Day) Couldn't stop eating everything in site! Which is ok. It happens!

Some of the eats included:


Tons of salads..


And plenty of squash with almond butter.


I also cut up some grapefruit and added some shredded coconut and toasted almond slices on top. It was great. Came in a cracked bowl and everything!


Then came the time to take down the tree. So sad. Its so festive but I knew if it didn't get done now we would have to wait until next weekend. (I’ve mastered the art of procrastination) So down it went! Picture also features some lovely cat tape we have on our couches. Awesome.


And tonight I tried something new (to me) Protein ice cream. Wow is this awesome. I took the basic recipe that the lovely Heather uses. Ice, protein powder, almond milk, stevia, xanthum gum and a dash of cinnamon. It was ssoo tasty. Mine was more runny though, I was hoping for more soft serve so maybe i need more ice? Either way it hit the spot.

The ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is an approach I love to incorporate into my day. I love being able to start my day fresh and new each morning. Its time to kick off the new year healthy, fresh and vibrant!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


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Awesome nut butter give away!

chocolate bar give away from the amazing Morgan!!


  1. "I love being able to start my day fresh and new each morning." How bout it!!! that's the best, knowing we have a new slate to work with each day!
    Your ice cream looks good...I have found that both Heather and Deb (Smoothie Girl) can add ice to their creations...when I do that, I get runny stuff. I always skip the ice and instead use 1/2 frozen banana or nothing and then it's never runny. And/or cut back the nutmilk, also I can never use as much as ppl say to use. I use a Vita, and I know they do too, I think with a food proc you can add the liquids/ice but I know for me in the Vita, I can't. Maybe that will help a little?

  2. I love grapefruit!!! So good. That's the best thing about winter, the citrus is still so fresh and good, even if nothing else feels like it's in season!!!
    Hope you had a great New Year!!!

  3. hmm maybe you need more ice or gum?
    it looks good tho!
    we took our tree down today too..SO SAD!! it looks so bare now!!

  4. protein ice cream sounds delicious!! hope you have a great start to your week

  5. I love how your bottomless pit day consists of you eating squash and protein ice cream! You are too adorable.

    I really like this out with the old in with the new resolution. Great way to mix things up and keep from getting bored at the gym!

  6. Good luck getting back to work today. You are among many! Glad you got some last minute things done, such as taking down tthe tree. We reluctantly did that last week, and I agree it was sad.

    I just saw your grapefruit and it reminded me that I haven't had any this season! I need to put it on my list, I love it.

    Have a great day :)

  7. BPDs can be so confusing, but it's great to see that you went with your urges and enjoyed some fantastic foods!

  8. I love bottomless pit days! Oh heck, every day is a bottomless pit day around here. Food is just too good, ya know? ;)

  9. hahaha i always say BPD when I feel like that!!! It usually happens after a night of drinking so it happened alot in college, basically anything I ate didnt fill me up, I just kept going LOL

    the protein icecream is awesome isnt it? I make a protein cake, simply take 1 scoop Protein powder and mix with a little bti of water to make a paste, and nuke the whole thing in the micro for about 45 secs ( I used BSN lean dessert protien) it cooks up great!

    Have a wodnerful day!

  10. love your attitude about starting each day fresh! that protein ice cream looks delicious--haven't tried making it yet, but definitely on my list!

    i'm trying to keep up my xmas tree as long as possible! haha hope you have a great Monday!

    Kristen @

  11. always so sad to see the tree go down! i need to find some xantham or guar gum... it's time to make better ice cream :)

    i'm also eyeing those vanilla goji balls!!

  12. your positivity is INFECTIOUS! i was being all negative today but i read youyr blog post and was like THINK POSITIVEEEEEEE!

    re: workouts:
    rest days: i do take rest days, but not full out no activity. I'm more a proponent of active rest. so i'll (like today) walk on the treadmill ( i usually do this if when i get up i'm like UGH RUNNING) today i'm pretty sore, but most of the time, not really. someone told me that stretching after workouts prevents muscle soreness, as does foam rolling. warm baths help, or taking 2 advil before you go to sleep to prevent the inflammation. hope this helps! any other questions just email/comment!=D

  13. Bottomless Pit Day? He he interesting :-D I have those moments too ! especially these in these holiday season!! You are right, we need to get back on track! I wish the weather here is warmer and less windy, so I can take a walk outside!

  14. Hope work went well for ya today!! :) Its tought getting back into the swing of things BUT I love your attitude!
    Enjoy our Monday, dear OH and we all have bottomless pit days.. have no

  15. Hope you're having a good back to reality day!!
    Taking down Christmas decorations is always sad isnt it? I took mine down this weekend, and then had to do the same at work this morning. :(

  16. I saw someone else mention this but I also use half a frozen banana instead of ice to thicken. Maybe also some chia seeds? I use them in smoothies or pudding to thicken but maybe not for ice cream.

  17. Squash and almond butter?! Oh my goodness that sounds totally delicious! And seeing the protein ice cream reminds me that I must try that also!

  18. good luck with getting back to "reality!" i'm very impressed you took down your tree....i'm holding onto mine for a little while longer....

  19. BPD -- love it! I'm having one of those today after a late workout last night! Hope you eased back into things easily today...I know how brutal it is!

  20. I love protein ice cream! My recipe yields a soft serve consistency and is pretty easy.

    About 1 to 1.5 cups of frozen fruit. I usually use strawberries.
    1 scoop BSN chocolate protein powder
    Unsweetened almond milk (chocolate or vanilla) about 1/2 cup, just enough to get it moving in the blender.

    Blend until mixed up and soft but not too melty!

    The strawberry/chocolate is my go-to, tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry :)

    Oh and I totally hear ya on those bottomless pit days! Looks like you filled up with super healthy foods!

  21. Oh I know, it's so sad to see the tree come down. :( I have successfully avoided that sad feeling this year, though--I never had a tree in the first place! I had the advantage of traveling to my sister's for xmas. I did take down all my xmas cards, though. There was a nice display rockin in my apt. for a while there...

  22. Aww, I always get sad when it's time to take down decorations, too. I do like your out with the old, in with the new mantra, though.

    It's so cold here that I can't even think about eating ice cream! I hope we have a warm up soon, so I can enjoy some. :-)

  23. haha f-AB-ulous, you goof! i was confused for a second---BPD = borderline personality disorder? lol, that's what happens when you're a psych major i guess

  24. Oooh squash with almond butter. That's a wonderful idea! I'll have to try, for sure.

  25. Such a great blog . Your story...your just are really...nice :)
    Have a nice day, and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog - I really appreciate it - I have you on my reader, and eventually if I get around to it I will try to add u to my blogroll.

  26. those bottomless pit days are so strange, aren't they? glad you enjoyed your vacation :)

  27. Squash with almond butter? I'll have to try that!

    Glad you had a good vacation, and I hope your first week back is going well!

  28. I've never heard of protein ice cream - thanks for the great info!

  29. :) What a lovely post! Sounds like it was a great abs class! You really seem to be enjoying yourself- it is inspiring. I am going to enjoy my fresh days as well!

  30. Great post girl. I like it...having been very very down lately, and overwhelmed. I love to write and my blog but then I wonder if it's even worth it...who am I doing it for really? Not alot of readers and maybe it's just not worth the time...sorry to be so depressing...have a great day.

  31. Your tree looks so pretty Chrysta! I am currently baking a sweet potato to try with almond butter! And get this, I forgot to tell you after our sweet potato/yams discussion the other day... I found both at the fruit store by your work! They were right next to each other... made me think of you. :)

  32. Hi there! Thought I'd leave my two cents- Looks like you need more ice, and when you add ice, you need more gums- often I find that it's a mix of the two gums not just one. They are synergistic. Go easier with the XG but a little more generous with the GG. IF you have a blender or smoothie maker with a tamper you can truly get ice cream. If you have no way to smoosh down the ice, then you'll just have to be happy with a thick smoothie or perhaps a loose soft-serve. Never tried it in the food processor. Hope this helps :-)