Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coffee Banana Balls!

This morning workout was mucho better than yesterday. My legs were unbelievably sore from Core fusion I think. (Which is good! Breaking in some new muscles, awesome!) But finally today all was a-ok. Although I gotta say Im so looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. Woohoo! Ive been rockin’ the cardio pretty hard this week!
Unfortunately this is going to be a bit of a short post. My in-laws are coming tomorrow which means some major cleaning has got to be done! And I've totally procrastinated as usual.
I did however, had a huge craving for something banana-y today and so I whipped up some Coffee Banana Balls! (Anything to keep from cleaning!)

Coffee Banana Balls
30 grams cashews
80 grams dates
1 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp. Coffee beans
1/3 c. Just Banana chips*
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp. Maple syrup
1/2 Tbsp water (if needed for consistency)
pinch of sea salt
I combined all my dry ingredients and blended those up first. Then Added in the dates, maple syrup, vanilla and water if needed. And voila! I also crushed some dehydrated banana chips and rolled a few in them.
*These are the banana chips that I used. Just dehydrated bananas. You could make your own too. Im sure that would work just fine.

Overall these had a really awesome strong coffee flavor with just a hint of banana. Soo tasty! I do love my coffee! And you can never go wrong with bananas that's for sure.

My day also consisted of the usual salads but I did finally try out Averie’s Tahini Cesar dressing and it is awesome!!! Love it. It just added such a wonderful flavor to my veggies.
I ended the day with a big pile of veggies and some egg whites.
This has been my go to meal for awhile. Might be a bit boring but I find it tasty and super fast. I love it with a big pile of ketchup on the side. 
So have you ever found a product that has just totally helped you out big time? I just did. Fit Flops! Granted not the most stylish things in the entire world but they are the coziest shoes ever. I used to get these major charlie horses for awhile. I could not for the life of my figure out what was causing them. I kept asking people and got answers ranging from dehydration to Potassium deficiencies. But they were really frequent and hurt! But I started wearing these a few times a week and my feet and leg muscles do feel way better. I don't know if its because they offer more arch support, but wow, what a difference.
Love the Fit Flops! Do you have any products that just totally helped you out in a big way? Would be great to learn about some new items that out there on the market that actually work pretty well.
Anyways I must be off now for some cleaning and packing for the fam. I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!! (Its almost Friday!!) Any big weekend plans coming up?
Im so sorry if some of you had problems commenting (blogger was acting up!) Should hopefully all be fixed by now but if not just let me know. Thanks so much Ameena for testing this out for me. I totally appreciate it!


Congrats Bradi on your blog anniversary! Thanks for a great Giveaway! 
Shelley has an awesome giveaway going on.

I have been wanting one of these for such a looong time! Thanks Katie!!!


  1. It's really good that you're enjoying healthy food. I love what you had today. Thanks for sharing good stuff here.

  2. My mom loves her fit flops! She's always raving about how comfortable they are. Two products that have changed my life are my ipod and my Garmin 305.

  3. Oh the Fit Flops...I want them! I have the MBT sneakers for walking around the city and they are amazing...not the most attractive maybe but I love them just the same...! And nothing wrong with veggies and egg whites...that's my go to dinner 4 days a week at least! Have a great day miss!

  4. The coffee banana balls looks amazing. I bet they taste fantastic. I have never tried dehydrated bananas, but I think I'd rather wait to get a food dehydrator instead of purchasing them at the store because in my opinion they are a HUGE rip off! They are even more expensive at Whole Foods, compared to TJs.

    As for the "fit flops" I gotta say I get super annoyed when shoes claim to help keep you fit. I mean, if you are walking AT ALL you will become more fit and burn calories. I dont' get it. However, it's pretty neat if they actually helped you get rid of your charlie horses! I used to get those too, and they are awful. I would sometimes wake up with them in the middle of the night (yikes!). Glad they are helping.

    Enjoy your day off from working out today! I'm taking a day off too :)

  5. Those coffee banana balls look delicious!!! AndI have never heard of fit-flops. Are they like shape-ups? I don't know if buy all the hype about those... but I haven't tried, so I'm not one to speak!

  6. oh those look too fun! Also, I just gave you an award :)

  7. those flip flops seem great! & i looove hte look of hte coffee banana balls- yum
    have fun w/t he in-laws!


  8. The banana balls look SO creative! I haven't heard of fit flops before but I could certainly use some muscle definition.

    So glad the comments are working for me now. :) Have a great day!

  9. wow, how creative! I eat so many nuts and nut butters that I am embarrassed to say how much.
    I love bananas too :)

  10. wowza! how did you manage to incorporate all of my favorite flavors in to one little ball? you are brilliant!

    Have a great time with the family, beautiful! xoxo

  11. Those banana balls sound so good! I'll have to keep an eye out for banana chips, we don't keep them around much

  12. Delicious little morsels,love all the ingredients used :D

  13. coffee bananna balls look so yummy!

  14. Oooh....your banana balls sounds AWESOME!! Will have to try :)

  15. Coffee and banana is not a combo you see very often but I can't imagine why that is....I love the sound of this new raw ball flavor. I do just about anything to procrastinate cleaning also. That, and schoolwork...

    Hope you have fun with your in-laws during their visit!

  16. coffee and banana..GREAT combo girl!!
    haha those flip flops sound so interesting!! do they really work? ive heard of the tennis shoes but not flip flops! thats awesome tho.
    have fun with your in laws love!

  17. I love the fitflops! I got a pair last summer and I got them a bit big so this summer I just need to remember to order the smaller size, they are WICKED comfortable though!! the banana balls look graet love the addition of coffee into them for a little extra KICK...i need that kick in the morning!!

    i wish I had a sprilizaer I get so jealous when I see your spirilized zuchinni all the time!!

  18. Your meals are just beautiful!

    Those banana balls sound great. Oh and I totally hear you about cleaning the house for the inlaws.

  19. My boyfriend loooves coffee so those might be the perfect treat for him.

    I've never tried fit flops. Or those shape up sneakers. Just seems like a gimic and I can't see if making that much of a difference. But if they really do work, then I'm game.

  20. OMG. Why have I not put coffee beans in my balls yet???! This is amazing! I can understand protein powder.. sure.. but coffee beans would be outrageous. Thank you Chrysta! I'll be sure and make some form of these before I leave for school. :)

  21. ahh your fitflops are so cool!

    i don't think veggies and egg whites are boring at all! haha well maybe because i just had that for lunch so i'm guilty of it too. hey if it ain't broke don't fix it right!

  22. Coffee Banana Balls look and sound amazing....all my fave flavors, all in one!!!

    glad you said: eally awesome strong coffee flavor with just a hint of banana.

    I feel that banana can overpower things and sometimes that's good, but coffee is better :)

    the tahini dressing, glad you're likin it!! and thx for the shoutout!

    And you're awesome my friend, thanks for all your long! love 'em!! comments you've been leaving me.

    Living in LA/SoCal is a good thing. Probiotics, also good things.


  23. Uh wish I lived in SoCal ! Yes you are rocking the cardio - not me :(...oh looking Fit Flops :)

  24. my mom has a pair of fit flops too! coffee banana balls - yum! have a great friday chrysta!

  25. Coffee Banana Balls! Mmmm! I might have to make these this weekend!!

  26. ah! Cleaning before the in laws come- so necessary! Ours are coming next weekend. Those choco banana balls sound AWESOME. I love love coffee- I will have to give these a try. I have had Averie's dressing on my to make list for a while- looks totally delicious. Your dinner looks great- love eggs, they're one of my major go tos for protein! Have fun this weekend :)

  27. Oh I like that nut ball recipe. I like the idea of throwing some coffee beans into it!

  28. mmm bananas! and cashews?! i just had a cashew cookie larabar! delish!

    weekend: work and wedding. too many w's. =D
    ahhaha it's my BELATED birthday! hahha. actually it was in december, but i got my b'day licks yesterday!
    TARGETTT IS THE BOMBBBBB!!! where else can you buy quaker oat squares AND sports bras?

  29. Enjoy your time with the in-laws. Your banoffee balls sound amazing! Nice use of the coffee beans--the fresh coffee flavor must've been amazing.

  30. I always procrastinate cleaning too. Have a good visit. :) I have yet to make any of those yummy dessert balls. Love that you used banana chips. That caesar dressing is something I need to try.

  31. Banana balls = such a creative snack. I'll have to try making those sometime.

    I've seen fit flops before but never tried them. I don't know if I believe their weight loss claims, but if they help with charley horses, more power to them!

  32. Aren't FitFlops the best?? I own two pairs and they are the only flip flops I wear now! I don't know if they really tone your legs but they are so comfy and last forever!

  33. I've never heard of fitflops! What am I missing? I've been using the 2 for $5 Old Navy ones for years.

    Wow! banana coffee balls?! Hot damn!

  34. Mmm, those balls sound great!

    I've always been curious about fitness shoes like Fit Flops... glad to hear they're comfortable!

  35. The Fit Flops look comfy! I have never had Coffee Banana Balls- but I love anything with banana!
    Enjoy the time with your in-laws!

  36. Wow. I have a friend that could really benefit from fit flops. What a wonderful idea.

    Love the coffee balls. That's really cool.

  37. omg, i LOVE that photo of those balls!! and they sound mighty tasty, too :)

  38. Great photos girl! Hope you are eating and enjoying those treats! Not just one of those people that bakes deliciousness only to tease everyone else ;) it ! Cheers and hope you are enjoying Stoneyfield. Let us know what you get :)

  39. Do you feel like the fit flops help you feel like you are geting a mini workotu everytime you walk? That is how they advertized and I debated purchasing.. hmm