Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting out in the fresh air hiking!

Wow am I sore! I went on an amazing 3.5 hour hike with my good friends and my legs are hurtin! Its a good feeling though. I was set on attending my Spin class today. (My favorite instructor only teaches on sunday...arg..) but I'll be honest I dont know if this is going to happen. I might end up just doing some yoga later in the afternoon to try and stretch it all out. It was the perfect weather though. Air was a bit chilly but it was warm in the sun.

Honestly its just really nice to get out into the fresh air for a change. I live in an area thats very congested and this just felt so awesome. We walked up into the canyons and got some amazing views!
Aaahh yes Im looking pretty stellar here...haha. JK! I was pretty tired but the end here. But had a blast! Im looking forward to some more hikes.

One of the great things about it I think, is changing up the muscle groups that you work. My legs are very used to biking and training on certain machines at the gym. Getting out and trying something new just works a whole different set of muscles (I can feel each and every one of them this morning) and I think its a great way to keep some variety to your workout routines.

Today is gonna be great. Hopefully I will have some amazing pictures later but Im getting ready for a vegan cooking class I signed up for. We are making:

-Homemade seitan for seitan nuggets and a ranch dipping sauce
-Rich pecan and lentil pate in endive leaves
-Light lemon quinoa with fresh herbs and glazed pistachios
-Peanut butter mousse pie with a cocoa crust

Sounds ssoo good. The rest of day is getting my shopping done and cleaning the crazy messy apt. Anyways I hope you have a terrific Sunday!


  1. ohh a vegan cooking class?! when are you starting this? sounds so amazing!! those pictures are incredible, I love hiking because its such a great workout, and its such beautiful sights, you don;t even realize how hard you are working!

    have a wonderful sunday!

  2. i love hiking! it's one of the things about los angeles that i'm grateful for.

  3. oh i hear ya! I love getting up in those mountains and just getting away into the fresh air for awhile. Its still so crazy to me to think that I can walk to the beach or take a short drive and hike in the mountains. It definently is cool! Kind makes up for the insane traffic! ( I got stuck on the 101 today for over an hour!) Total bust!

  4. gorgeous pictures - looks like a beautiful day!