Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Aaahhh Tuesdays....a start to a fabulous week. I kicked mine off with a powerhouse 75 minutes of heart pounding cardio! I had some new Kelly Clarkson jams on the ipod what can I say? Its a guilty pleasure. Its like my secret love for the Desperate housewives show. I know, I know....horrible but still....I can't stop watching it! I was excited too, yesterday I scored big at TJMaxx with some new workout clothes. I LOVE this place. Its hit or miss, but yesterday was a definite hit. I love finding good deals!

I was planning on having some time to make lunch. But I had to make it a fast one today. It happens, so maybe tommorrow. Im hoping son to make some more vegan mac and cheese! (this time the sauce has pumpkin in it!!) But today was just some quick veggies and a bruschetta veggie burger! Simple, fast and tasty.

So for dinner though I decided to bust out the new griddle I bought this weekend. Yes!!!

I threw on some acorn squash and various other veggies and grilled those bad boys up! Look at those awesome grill marks on that eggplant! The veggies were super crunchy on the outside. Perfect. I sealed the deal tonight with some peanut butter tofu pudding. Topped with Fiber one and some dark chocolate and peanut butter chips.

So delicious. All in all a good day! Great workout. Good food. AAAaahhh nice. Now its time for some quick errands and then off to bed. Have a super night.

P.S squash..Im coming for you tommorrow night! haha.


  1. Thanks as always for all your awesome comments & support on my blog! My visit here was long overdue! I became a follower!