Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shopping Success!

This morning I woke up super early. Not sure why. I think my body is just getting used to waking up early again during the week that its kinda hard for me to sleep in. Anyways I made some pumpkin spice coffee and a bit bowl of oatmeal. I sifted through the mornings emails and then got ready for the gym. There was a super challenging spin class at 7:45 am this morning that I went to. It was awesome. The instructor really pushed us and when I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment. I love that! Anyways I love Saturdays because I can lazily get to the gym and then it's time to shop. Do not ask me why but for some reason grocery shopping relaxes me. I'm constantly on the look out for new products and cool things to make. Besides the huge cart of veggies that I usually buy I found a few new things this week and a few old favorites. I found these HUGE honeycrisp apples. Oh the second I got home I had to cut one up and eat it with some Barney butter. Heaven I tell ya!

I found this coffee replacement product I guess you could call it. Its called Teeccino.The ingredients include all organic carob, barley, chicory, ramon nuts, chocolate flavor, cocoa and chili flakes. Total Yum!! Its decaffeinated which is nice. Ive been looking for a nice soothing drink to have at night and this seems perfect. When I opened the bag it definitely had a rich chocolaty smell. I made mine a bit weak I think but it had a really nice chocolate flavor to it. Kind of toasty as well. I really liked this product. Its very comforting and a change from the norm. On the package there are directions for adding it to coffee as well. It boasts many health benefits such as heart healthy potassium, soluble fiber and its a prebiotic. Overall its a winner in my book! I also found this snazzy new water bottle. Sweet!

My holiday teas are back! Hooray!! I LOVE these teas. My favorite being the sugar cookie sleigh ride flavor. I love a rich vanilla flavor and I have yet to find a tea that matches it. To me its just super comforting. Also extremely cheap so that's always great as well!

I also found a great non food product. When I first tried this product out I was surprised by how warm it got! It did say warming facial scrub on the bottle but to be honest Ive tried other brands similar and non heated up this did. It took my eye make up off in one swipe and left my skin really soft. Its a facial in a tube. Love it. Its down side is that its a bit pricey, but I do find a little goes a long way. So its worth it! It also has a nice light smell.

Overall total score at the Whole Foods! Love it! Now Im off to make some babies. Some fudge babies that is! You can find the recipe for them on Katies amazing site! I cant wait to try them out. Peace!

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