Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Macroons and bars take 2!



So my first batch of macroons turned out a bit dry..I think I left them in the dehydrator too long. My second try though i left the batter a bit stickier and dehydrated them for less time and they turned out great! A bit crunchy on the outside and gorgeously sweet chocolaty and chewy on the inside. Awesome!


I also love these goji bars that I found at my local health food store. They are almost $3 bucks a pop though so a tad pricey for me. Looking at the ingredients I figured I could make my own. Coconut, almond meal, goji berries, dried figs, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt make up this bar. They turned out pretty close to the original. (Although I think they need a bit more of that wonderful coconut flavor)


On a side note though, I finally found some more PB&J Larabars at Whole Foods again. They were out for ages and I got so excited when I saw them again. I stocked up lets just say=)



  1. SCRUMPTIOUS macaroons!! Glad that they worked out on the 2nd time around.

    Love Larabars too :)

  2. mmm looks fabulous!! the pb and J larabars are greattt