Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yummy Nutridel cookies!

I started off my weekend by sleeping in. Felt sssoo great but I missed my favorite spin class. Ah well. Im kinda bummed but its Saturday so I do have all day to hit the gym later this afternoon. One of the many perks about not working on the weekends. I staggered into the kitchen this morning and saw that I really did leave it a huge wreck from last night. So while the coffee was a'brewing I got my cleaning gloves out and attacked that kitchen! Chrysta = 1, Kitchen = 0. Its all nice and sparkley now! I decided to reward myself with a bit cup of pumpkin Spice coffee and some nice oats. Nothing fancy, just my vanilla stevia with cinnamon and pepper in it. Its good though!

I have to say I was really excited today though! I received some amazing cookies in the mail that the people from Nutridel so generously sent me! (Thank you!!) I got two flavors, pecan and flax. I started off with the flax cookie. I took a big ol' bite of this cookie and was in heaven! It was light and crunchy and had a wonderful cinnamon undertone to it. It reminded me of some oatmeal cookies that my mom used to make when we were little. It was sweeter than I was expecting but in a good way. I thought the light texture and crunch from the flax was the perfect combo. The taste was just right. I broke one of the cookies up and had it in my greek yogurt for lunch. I left it sitting in there awhile, as I usually work while I lunch, and I found that it didn't get too soggy. Still crunchy even after minutes of being left to sit in the yogurt.

The Pecan flavor was just a good. Not quite as cinnamon-y as the flax but delicious all the same. What I really love about these cookies is the amazing nutritional stats that it boasts. I'm pretty picky about what I eat and buy and I was really impressed with this ingredient list. And only approx. 60 calories per cookie?! Yes Please! I think this cookie would be great crumbled on top of a salad too.

What I noticed as well was that they were a really good size cookie. A lot bigger than I was expecting which is always a plus when you need a filling snack on the go!

Overall I really really liked this cookie a lot. I love the ingredients and it tastes great too! I will definitely be ordering these again real soon. So check em out if you haven't already! Thanks Nutridel for a great product.


  1. nutridels are honestly a miracle. I almost cried when I finished my last one :(

  2. Thanks for the heads up on such a great product!