Sunday, November 22, 2009

One of the many reasons to excercise...

Waking up this morning I was really just in an overall bad mood for some reason. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt like hiding under the covers, eating my weight in junk and napping the whole day. Instead though I told myself to just get up, make it to the gym and then I can decide what I want to do. I ate my usual breakfast of oatmeal and I made a push to go. And man, was that worth it! I got into the zone super fast and had one amazing workout! I felt so great when I left, my bad mood was gone. That is one of the many reasons to workout. All those good endorphines can really do your body good. The whole rest of the day too I ate amazing foods, got some errands done and ended up having a pretty great day overall.

I even attempted to make some raw dark chocolate macroons! I whipped them up and into the dehydrator they went. I cannot wait to try these babies out tommorrow. My whole apt. smells like a chocolate factory. I tested some of the batter out before rolling them up and they are ssoo good. I cant believe I havent made these before! Im really interested in seeing what the health benefits of coconut butter was and was amazed at the benefits that I have found so far. I even bought a book on it and am going to read it tonight. (Yup, Im a nerd) =)

Tonight I was more in to mood for a light dinner. Plus lets face it, since I worked it hard at the gym I wanted to save some room for some tofu pudding! But I sauteed up some green beans with some fresh grated ginger and garlic. I added a splash of some coconut vinegar that I found at the store. I topped it off with some fresh chopped persimmons and some shredded coconut. Loved it! I havent had a Persimmon in awhile and I forgot how much I loved them. The persimmons added some nice sweetness against the tartness of the coconut vinegar.

I was mentioning this morning to my husband, Austin, that I need to get some more music for my ipod. I just got a few new songs but I have some old ones that have been on repeat for awhile. Time to clean the list out! So when my husband got home tonight he brought me back a giftcard so I could get some more music to listen to while at the gym. I just thought that was such a nice gesture. It made my night. So overall my cranky morning turned into one fabulous day!

Do you ever have days like this? If so, what are some of your ways of turning that bad morning into a good day?

Jam of the day: Evacuate the Dance Floor - Cascada

This song just really got me in the zone this morning.


  1. lol, a while ago, I did a post very similar to this, in which I was basically just bitching about EVERYTHING. I certainly have woken up on the wrong side of bed as well! ;-)
    But kudos to you for fixing it the healthy way! Exercise is awesome!

  2. I've definitely had days like that and you're right - just getting the ball rolling and getting out the door is usually the first step!

  3. of COURSE I have days like this, or just days where I am in a bad mood the whole day, feel blah, want to be alone...we all have those days...they come and go!! but going to the gym always makes me happy...its those endorphins!!

    yummmmmm tofu pudding!!

  4. Those persimmons with the green beens look awesome!

    And yes there is nothing like some exercise to improve your mood ;-)

  5. Sorry about your bad day. You're right... exercise can really help! When I'm in a bad mood and can work up the motivation to run (rather than stewing at home), I do. If it doesn't make me feel 100% better, at least I got to have some productive time to myself instead of pouring my bad mood onto someone else!

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