Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its November already?!

Wow time is flying. I cant believe its November already! Im already starting to think about what I want to make for Thanksgiving!! How sad is that? Anyways, this morning I have some super classes scheduled. Spin this morning (of course!) and then a yoga class later. Should be super fun. I forgot about the daylight savings time. I love getting an extra hour of sleep! That gave me mucho time for a nice hearty breakfast before heading to class.

For lunch I wanted some zucchini pasta again so I baked up some veggies and tossed in some sauce I got from Trader Joes, along with a sprinkle of parmesean romano. I love really strong cheeses. Since cheese is usually loaded with alot of fat and calories I like to buy cheese that is veyr strong in taste. That way a tiny bit goes a long way. It got a little watery from my zucchini noodles. I forgot to pat them down with paper towels to get rid of excess water. Oh well. Still tasted pretty great overall.

And some apples with cinnamon and mesquite for dessert. Tasty!

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite snacks! The rest of the day is shopping and errands. But tonight I plan on cooking a nice dinner. Some chick pea cutlets and roasted veggies. So I will post back about that then. I hope everyone had a safe and fabulous halloween!

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