Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its time for Thai!

Wow this morning was a hiney kicker. I took a spin class with an instructor Ive never had before and wowza! She took no prisoners. I like it!!=) Today, uber busy but so fun! I ran to my class, got home, finished up some secret projects (hehe) Then vacuumed and cleaned like a crazy lady then off to the store for dinner supplies.

Tonight is thai night! My friend Holly is coming over and we are cooking up a feast. Whats on the menu? Well some lemongrass infused jasmine rice with a coconut curry veggie stir fry and some thai veggie rolls! Super light and tasty.

Before we started cooking though I had to try something. I’ve been trying to buy fruits and vegetables I’ve never had before just so I can try new foods. I found this horned melon at Whole Foods and thought to give it a go.


It was interesting. It was very gelatinous, almost jello like. It was like eating a jelly like melon tasting orange. Odd but not bad. I don't think I could just sit down and eat this everyday, but it was cool to try…Ok now on with the cookin!

First up we started with the veggie spring rolls. thaiRolls02

We stuffed these rolls full of carrots, spring onions, cucumbers and tons of fresh herbs. A quick sauce was made with some Braggs, peanut butter, sesame oil, chili flakes and some agave. It made for a great appetizer and went perfectly with our wine!


Austin’s mom was so awesome and bought us some amazing wine from a winery in Solvang, CA. It was awesome!!

Next up was the main attraction! Jasmine infused rice and some coconut vegetable curry. Curries have the potential to be super fatty and high calorie, but we kept ours light, healthy and tasty!

For the rice we sautéed up some onions, lemongrass ginger and garlic..then I tossed in the rice and toasted it in the pan until lightly browned. I think searing the grains before adding liquid really brings out a fantastic nutty quality in the grain. Then I tossed in some water and bouillon cube and let that cook away!

We chopped up tons of veggies like broccoli, zucchini, carrots, brussels sprouts and tons of fresh ginger, garlic and basil and let that sear up in the pan. The sauce was made with a lite coconut milk, red curry paste, peanut butter, basil, fish sauce, chili flakes and a squeeze of fresh lime. To help keep the calorie count low I just drizzled enough sauce in the pan to wet the veggies and then put the rest of the sauce on the side so you could add your own. Top with fresh cilantro and eat up!


Sorry for the lack of pics..I had the dreaded battery of death right in the middle of dinner! aahh! I forgot to charge it up. Aahh well…


Anyways overall it turned out to be an awesome dinner! Lots of fun! Thanks Holly for coming over and helping out! It turned out fabulous.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous night! That melon looks so interesting, and I LOVE WF spring rolls.

    Thai is one of my favorite cuisines! Your dish looks delicious.

  2. don't you just love those unexpected boot camp spin classes!?

    yum your thai night looks fabulous! thanks for sharing the ingredients, im going to have to try these out at home!

    Kristen @

  3. i love how my plate is hiding all that delicious rice... i guess i like my veggies too. :) i had so much fun in that kitchen of yours! can't wait for our next night of cooking. and that fruit was beyond interesting.. still imagine it moving around on that spoon. haha. have a wonderful thanksgiving chrysta!

  4. I love your blog and thank you for visiting mine. I think I will add you to my blogroll and perhaps you might do the same if I maintain your interest?
    Are you vegetarian? I am not but highly adoring of all vegan fare.

  5. Hey girl!! i love your blog! i LOVE spring rolls..all of your eats look great from the previous posts too! have a great thanksgiving..thanks for commenting on mine!

  6. I love thai and love the spring rolls!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog : ) I love yours too!!!! I love eating healthy and I love getting to enjoy others blogs on their healthy lifestyles!!! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  7. Wow, I always wondered what a horned melon looked like on the inside!!!! Cool!!!

  8. I have always wondered about the horned melon. Thanks!

  9. that horned melon looks sooo interesting!! I have never seen a green-ish stuff inside a melon, that must be really eye catching!
    I am always being adventure in food too :-D can't wait to try this one out!
    Tou Tou