Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mornings Rock my World

I am hands down a morning person. I know everyone is different. I tried this whole going to the gym after work thing and it so doesn't work for me. I just cant motivate myself. Especially now with the fabulous fall weather, a part of me just wants to turn a great movie on after work, cook some dinner and curl up on the couch. But in the mornings the cold air just super invigorates me and I love it. So I think Im going to stick with my morning workouts. Everyone is different for sure, its just what works for me and what my body likes more.

Todays workout was a fabulous 60 minutes on the elliptical with a 15 minutes cool down. Fantastic! My legs are finally not quite as sore anymore from Yoga. I think that with all my spin classes my hamstrings are really super tight. But the Yoga really seems to be helping with this. Plus its just so relaxing and fun to do anyways! Lunch today was the usual, I was going to post pics but thought maybe all the pictures of my bean burritos would be repetative. haha. But I did also make a quick zucchini salad on the side. Chopped zucchini, fresh onion and some salsa. Quick and easy.

For dinner I was also looking for something quick and fast. Eating healthy doesnt have to be complicated to hard to do. I chopped up some brussel sprouts, eggplants, onions, kale and broccoli and sauteed it up until it was nice and crispy. Then poured some enchilada sauce on it and threw a small handful of low fat mozz on top and I was one happy girl.

Dessert was totally rockin tonight! Banana ice cream. Complete with granola and a few dark chocolate pieces of course.

Im thinking next time maybe adding in some cinnamon and pumpkin...Either way it is amazingly tasty!!

What time of day do you find you like to work out best? Do you find you work out better at a certain time of day? Or is it more for scheduling? Im just curious how everyone else works it!

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