Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baked Tortilla Salad Cups

Happy Saturday everyone! This morning the sun is shining and the air is chilly. Im on my way out for an all day hike today which I'm super excited about. I started my day off with a bit of tea.

The tea is nice and light with a berry tasting finish. The cocoa flavor isnt too strong but overall its nice. For my hike today as well I made some of Katie's chocolate chip cookie dough babies. They are ssoo yummy!

I added some vanilla extract and sprinkled them with a coarse sea salt. Super amazing. Its so hard not to eat them all at once!

So while I was making my the cookie dough balls, I realized I have an amazing amount of pumpkin tortillas! Now granted I could eat burritos every single day but I kind of wanted to think of a new way to use them up. So the idea of a baked salad bowl came to me! The fried ones you get at any mexican restuarant, while super tasty, are hugely fattening. (And not the good kind of fat either!) So I like to just bake mine. They hold up really well and are a snap to make. Plus they look really pretty.

To make the bowls I first make four cuts into the tortilla.

Next up fold the corners on top of each other and press into a cupcake pan.

Press down lightly into pan. Bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes.

I used mine as a salad cup. It was the perfect size for this. I filled it with some fresh baby spinach, some chopped veggies and a quick pumpkin dressing. I topped it off with some Pumpkin pie spiced chickpeas and some Pom! The dressing was some pumpkin puree, balsamic vinegar, chinese chili sauce, agave, water (to thin it out) and a bit of cinnamon. Made for a fantastic quick snack before my hike.

And now Im off to hike! Have a super Saturday!


  1. those tortilla bowls are so genius. I love edible dishware.. no clean-up! :)

  2. how inventive! That's very smart of u. :)