Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Sundays…


Aahh Sunday, I really wish there was one more day to the weekend. Honestly..where did this weekend go? I woke up this morning to some oatmeal and oatbran mixture. It was tasty! I impulse bought some chocolate peppermint flavored coffee from the Coffee Bean and Tea leaf the other night that I busted out as well. I really had some high hopes for it, but overall not too flavorful. Maybe I buy the wrong stuff or something but overall I haven't been too impressed with anything that I have gotten there. Anyways I hit up my favorite spin class this morning…Sundays are the best, the instructor is so energetic and just rocks!

When I got back I was pretty hungry so I made up a quick wrap and some roasted Kombucha squash. The wrap was just some eggplant hummus and chopped veggies.



Overall pretty good. I started to clean up the place a bit and ended up hitting the couch for a bit to relax. I made a big bowl of fruit cereal! I found this idea while reading Sarah’s blog, The Foodie Diaries. A chopped up apple warmed up with some almond milk and topped with pumpkin pie spice and pom seeds. Yummers!


Dinner was pretty simple but delish. Some veggie soup and sweet potato fries. I had this veggie bouillon that I have been using for awhile. I finally checked out the stats on it and realized that it had a days worth of sodium in it! Yowzas! That will teach me to start checking out all labels more closely. So I went without it. Anyone know of a really good low sodium bouillon out there?

Overall wasnt bad though, pretty filling!



Also tried out some new tea. It was pretty tasty. A bit minty with a twist of cinnamon. Nice and comforting.


After dinner I tackled some more Christmas decorating! I finally got some ornaments up on the tree. Sammers decided to help me..


And now its back to work tomorrow. I actually had a week off last week and it went so incredibly fast! I feel like my vacation should have just started. Oh well. A start to another fabulous week! Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Yum, roasted kabocha is the best. I'm actually eating a microwaved apple right now! Topped with cinnamon and cherry granola, mmmm---it's one of my favorite winter snacks.

    Haha, we haven't even bought our tree yet. Have a fabulous day!

  2. Awwwww thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, really appreciate it : ) your cat Sammers is so cute!!!!! I miss having a pet, we are maybe getting a pug soon, we are going to look at one Saturday!!! Im excited!!! Your eats looked yummy today : ) that tea sounds good, I got Merry Mint , I did see that one too, I love the Merry Mint, you should try it too!!!! Have a great day!!! xoxoxo

  3. yeah, it's hard getting up when it's dark! you kinda go like...errrrr it's nighttime! high time for me to be sleeping. but then when you finish you're like THIS IS GREAT! =D

    yay for shopping!

  4. i LOVE lazy sundays!!! and sweet tater fries :) AND those silver decorations! christmas time is awesome!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! That tea sounds great :o)

  6. Lazy Sundays are the best! Your wrap and kabocha look delicious! I need to make some sweet potato fries one of these days!

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  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Looking forward to reading yours!

  9. For bouillon, I use "better than boullion". But now, I'm thinking I should check the label too. Sammer's is soo cooot! Kitties love the trees.

  10. I love spinning class!! I just started going back today.. it was definitely something I missed during my half mary training. I'll keep an eye out for some good Peppermint coffees!

  11. i need to find some kabocha again!

  12. I LOVE Kabocha!!! Yours looks delish :)

  13. that x-mas tea sounds good. i'm such a sucker for seasonal stuff!

  14. I sure wish there was another day in the weekend too! (maybe a couple more days? haha)

    I love Stash's tea ... I haven't gotten an Christmas Eve tea yet but I think I need to try it!