Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing workout and a new toy!

4:45am this morning and I was up with a bang! Time for Spin!..If you couldn't tell I'm obsessed with Spin! So much fun! I just love the music and the energy of the class. I look forward to these days. Its a way for me to de-stress and have some me time. Really helps to re-set me and energize me for the day. That's what I love about working out. All the amazing energy I get from it. Anyways after a fantastic class I grabbed some oatmeal and off to work. I received a package in the mail today. My Spiralizer came in! Hot Damn! This thing just rocks my socks off. I accidentally bought an enormous amount of zucchini the other day, (Don't ask) so its gonna be zucchini noodles for awhile for me!

I cut up some ribbon shapes and spaghetti shapes. Pretty cool!

And for dinner tonight....Zuchinni pasta! Will post back later with some pictures of the final masterpiece!


  1. First... 4:45 am, that is some dedication I envy!
    Second... I didnt know you just got your spiralizer, I am debating on two on amazon, I'll send you the links to see what you think... and then we should probably have a spiralzer date! :)

  2. yes sounds awesome!! yeah i just got it...this is a new one! yey! but lets spiralize it up! I was thinking of maybe trying to make the noodles with a tomato sauce with chia seeds in it...might be kinda fun! But yeah 4:45am is always when iget up...It was tough to get used to at first but now my body is so used to it and its no biggie anymore. Gym is pretty dead at that time, which is nice. Plus my spin class is at 6 am..I just like to get there like 45 minutes early to warm up!

  3. what kind of spiralizer is this?? i'm looking for something safe, economical, that WORKS and easy, good clean-up...thanks!!!