Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mac and Cheese

One of the things that I used to love was macaroni and cheese. There was something about all that meltey gooey cheese baked with luscious fresh pasta that brought about the ultimate feelings of comfort to me. It was my food comfort blanket. Now that I'm older I realize that maybe all that gooey cheese (although while still quite delicious) isnt something that i need to be eating regularly. I started playing around with a recipe off of and she has a fantastic vegan mac and cheese recipe. Its going to take some playing with as I cut the recipe down a bit. So once i get my measurements in order I will post the recipe. But I must say, this totally hit the spot. It was super creamy, delicious and above all good for you!

My food philosophy is that you should never feel guilty about eating a certain food. Food should make you feel awesome and fantastic! Not hiding in shame.

Close up of the creamy goodness! I rounded out my meal with yummy cheery tomatoes and cut cucumbers.

This morning I hit the gym as usual. I went to my 75 minute Spin class which rocked out. New instructor and she worked us hard. Which i love. Hey, if I'm going to spend my free time at the gym, I want to make it count and put my all into it! After lunch though, that was a totally different story...I grabbed some yummy tea and a gossip mag (guilty pleasure) and hit the couch for a bit of well deserved R&R! I love saturday afternoons! I plan on cleaning and cooking up a storm though later. And going for a walk as its gorgeous out today. So will post back later! Have a good one!

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