Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cauliflower "Pizza" and some ramblings

So I had some creative juices flowing this morning and came up with an idea for a mock pizza. (Picture is not the best, sorry about that, it just doesnt do it was quite tastier than it looks!) While not a traditional pizza by any means it was super tasty and made an excellent lunch! Started off with a crunchy cauliflower crust, a spicy pumpkin sauce and topped it off with sauteed onions and seitan! So maybe pizza isn't the right word for it, but hey as long as it was tasty! I still have to play around a bit. I think i need more egg to bind my crust together better but the flavors were great. And due to lack of time, since I made this over my lunch break, Id like to caramelize the onions for longer and sear up the seitan more. But all good! There's always a next time.

Basic idea was to make a cauliflower crust with smashed cauliflower and egg whites. Then some added garlic and pepper to spice it up. I made the pumpkin sauce from pureed pumpkin, garam masala, garlic, all spice and a bit of cayenne for some kick. Then I seared up some onions and seitan with a bit of sage to top it off. Made a tasty lunch!

I followed up with some trail mix that I made. Oh my gosh, next to granola, this is my weakness. Raw almonds, peanuts, organic raisins, goji berries and dark chocolate pieces. (Ok and you might find a rogue grain sweetened SunChip in there too!) Heaven I tell ya! I try to restrain myself because I know far too well that its easy to way overdo it on something like this. While super healthy, it is high in calories and that is something that you still should be aware of. I find though with foods like this, I do allow myself to eat in moderation. Just with personal experience placing certain foods off limits just makes you crave them even more and puts you at risk for way overdoing it once you do eat them. Its like when you were in high school and your parents told you no, you just wanted to do that even more just because you knew you weren't allowed. Well to counter balance this I don't place any foods out of reach. Just certain ones I watch my portion sizes a lot closer than others. This seems to work pretty well.

Oh and another side note, its interesting to see how you change along your way too. I think about 2 years ago my splurge item might have been some onion rings or some other fried food and now its trail mix! I do love change=)

And I ramble on, its just something Ive learned along the way. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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