Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea of the week! White Chocolate Kisses

I am such a bargain shopper. Maybe a bit impulsive about it but I love finding great deals. Ive also discovered that buying in bulk saves alot of cash. (Although now I have a cases of items sitting in my dining room! I really need a bigger pantry. Ive found a couple things on amazon the other day and its like christmas! They shipped everything seperately so Ive been getting a new pacakge everyday. Today my new tea came in! Nothing fancy, its Bigelow teas and the flavor is White Chocolate Kisses. Sounds amazing, right?

Well it is! This is my tea of the week. Im such a huge fan of teas. I have my usual go to teas but I love trying new flavors. I have tons of boxes sitting around. This week Ive been craving chocolate more than normal, so the White Chocolate Kisses tea does the trick. I'll admit, it doesnt taste like white chocolate. More just dark chocolate which is more than ok with me! I way prefer the taste of dark chocolate over white chocolate any day.

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