Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gorgeous and Sunny!

This morning was amazingly gorgeous, warm and sunny outside. Its been super cold and rainy so its been such a great change! I woke up, had my usualy tasty breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and hit the road. I had my spin class this morning and it was fabulous. Lots of hill climbs and speed work. Perfect way to start the morning. Then after class I was off to Whole Foods. This place is super dangerous. I know alot of people say its pricey but really I dont find it to be way more than other grocery stores. You just have to really shop around and look for good deals. Their 365 brand of products I think are very quality and reasonably priced. I must say I so totally scored this morning! Yessss! Heres some of the booty:

Ok so my puffed Kamut 2 for $2! Good deal! I love this stuff. Im such a grazer so I love to just keep it around and snack on it. Turbinado raw sugar just $2.99..I checked, its the same price at Trader Joes so thats cool! Pure Maple syrup is always a bit pricey but worth it. I paid 15.99 for this. (Its a 32oz bottle) I dont know if this is a super steal or not but considering I sent my husbands to the grocery store the other day and bought me a Ralph's brand maple syrup that was only 12 oz for $14 bucks I think he said. So to me this seemed like a decent deal. I also found some Barney Butter! Ive been hearing so much about it and have really wanted to give it a shot. So I'll post back later on that one. And my dark chocolate chunks. I plan to do a little baking today so I needed these. They are 70% pure cocoa. Its the highest I could find in chips and it was pretty cheap as well. I also bought bags full or organic veggies and fruits but I'll admit, i do splurge alot of my veggies!

On the agenda today is cleaning. Fun stuff! But also I plan to do some cooking, baking and I also have a new class I'm attending today! Its a mix of pilates and spin. Sounds way interesting so Im super excited! Texas game is on today and my husbands and our good friends are making there legendary game day tater tot nachos. They tell me this is something you should never eat if you value your health. HA! Hey, all in moderation though, right? I'm definitely going to post pictures of their master piece once its finished. Have a super day everyone!

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