Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Sunday!

I hit up a different Spin class this morning. Ive been really trying to try new teachers and classes lately just to mix things up alot and this teacher was so incredibly motivational. He was super energetic and really into the class. Its amazing how much of a difference this makes. I love his philosphy of "sweating out your old self to bring in the new...spring cleaning for the body" Its so true and really keep me moving hard.

I came back from class and was famished! I decided to make a spelt and egg white crepe on a bed of kale with some tahini on the side. I followed it up with a huge, sweet amazing honey crisp apple. I'll tell ya, there is nothing like apples in the fall! I had some mesquite seasoning and sprinkled some on a la fitnessista style. It was a fabulous combo! It sure hit the spot.

Then it was on to start dehydrating! Im a huge snacker so Im making some zucchini, eggplant and sweet potato chips!
So i popped these veggies into the dehydrator and 8 hours later I had sweet crunchy veggie chips! Yum!

After all my chopping efforts I made a nice big bowl of chocolate chia pudding and peppermint green tea. Time to kick my feet up and enjoy the rest of my evening.

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