Monday, October 5, 2009

Kale, Tahini and my favorite music

I recently discovered an old favorite. Kale and Tahini. To me, growing up we ate this probably 2-3 times a week. It was an old favorite that I just completely forgot about until this weekend. We used to make this together all the time while chatting it up in the kitchen. My parents came to visit this past weekend and my mom whipped up a big batch of this. Its so delicious and comforting. Theres no recipe really for it, just a method and a lot of love. It starts off with a big bowl of quinoa. Set that to the side. Next you take a big skillet and heat some garlic and Braggs liquid aminos. Cubed tofu is added and seared until crispy. Then you remove the tofu and add in chopped kale, garlic and a very liberal squirt of yet more Braggs. The kale and tofu is tossed on top of the quinoa. Then jalepeno pepper sauce is liberally poured on top followed by a nice big dollap of tahini. So incredibly tasty. I usually sprinkle some flax seeds and seasme seeds on this as well. Spicy, creamy and amazing.

I havent seen my parents in ages and while out doing my usual shopping at whole foods me and my mom chatted it up for awhile and I completely forgot about buying tahini! We made an emergency stop by Trader Joes on our way home where I picked theirs up.

I was a little skeptical when I opened the container as Im used to a completely different texture of tahini but this was quite tasty and delicious! Since it was thicker I just ended up dipping my kale in it instead of pouring some on top. But hey, it worked! Ive been eating this about once a day for the past few days now. Im on a kick. It gives me tons of energy and really fills me up. I have a feeling this old favorite will be a new staple.

After my super tasty amazing dinner I hit the gym and had a fantastic workout! I had a great new playlist ready to go as well. Its amazing how new jams keep you rockin through a tough workout! Im always on the lookout for new music so I thought Id share whats on my iPod at the moment..

-GreenLight (Freemasons remix) - Beyonce
-Mesmerized (Freemasons radio edit) - Faith Evans
-Like This (Ft. Eve Redline radio remix) - Kelly Rowland
-Work (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna radio remix) - Kelly Rowland
-Move Ya Body - Power Music Workout
-Everybody Dance (Tony Moran mixshow) - Deborah Cox
-Deja Vu - Sheldon
-Hit Me Up - My Fitness Music
-Go! (Jump In mix) - Jupiter Rising
-Maria - My Fitness Music

These jams really help get me through my hardest workouts. If anyone has any great music that really helps them through their workouts Id love to hear it! Overall I must say it has been a fantastic day. I think before I hit the sheets, Im going to eat a nice big bowl of my chunky monkey banana pudding. (Stay tuned for this recipe later on!) Kale, Tahini, new playlist, rocking workout and banana pudding....what an amazing way to the end the day.


  1. Didn't know about Tahini, but love Trader Joes...thanks for the tip! I just recently posted a few playlists w/ over 7 hrs of music for runners based on their running pace. The songs have a faster Beats Per Minute (BPM) so you don't subconsciously slow down to the beat of a song. I think the same concept can help when doing any sort of exercise. A faster beat can keep you pumped up. The playlists are very eclectic and have some rock, alternative, R&B, etc. You'll find bands like The Killers, Gorillaz, Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Arctic Monkeys, Matchbox Twenty, Stones, The Police, etc. All songs are either inspirational, about running, or just fun. Check it out at:

  2. Wow! thats awesome, thanks so much for the tip on the music! Im actually just gearing up for my century ride so tonight Im gonna have to check that out, would really help out. Thanks again!