Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is rockin! Loving my Fridays!

Today is rocking!! I missed my workout yesterday cause the alarm clock decided to completely die out on me. Scary. I'm glad I woke up in time for work though! Whew! So I charged on over to Bed Bath and Beyond and crisis has now been diverted.

So I usually end up taking Fridays off but I hit the gym today since I missed yesterday. Gotta be flexible with the schedule! And today just rocked! I tried out a new spin class, muy bueno. 60 minutes of heart pounding fun. Plus I got a great workout and cool down session in too. I'm feeling amazing. I made an appt. with a trainer for next week too which I'm really excited about. Id love to learn some new things. I think its super important to mix up your workout routines. Shakes the body up and plus you don't ever get bored! I grabbed my usual bowl of oats and coffee and time to start my morning!

Lunch was quick, simple and above all delish! ABout 2 giant handfuls of fresh spinach, cucumbers, cherry tomaoes (they were super sweet!) I can of tuna and salsa on top. Had some crackers with cheese on the side too. Pretty tasty. I grabbed some chocolate tea for the afternoon as well.

Later tonight we hit up Menchies. I have a huge froYo fan and this completely hit the spot. I swirled in French Vanilla, with a bit of pumpkin and strawberry shortcake. Delish! Austin added a bit more to his!=)
Have a great friday night!!

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