Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its a Glo-Bar kind of Day!

So I got the most amazing package in the mail today. My Glo-bars!! Oh man, I could not wait to tear into these puppies. Even as I opened the box, they looked incredible! I immediately went for the Revive bar. Dark chocolate and Peanut butter?! Yes please! When I opened the package a waft of delicious chocolately goodness hit my face. At first bite they were an instant hit. They taste amazing, texture is nice, soft and chewy. Love it. It tastes so decadent but its full of wholesome wonderful ingredients. This one gets two thumbs up in my book!! As you can see in the picture, I took a bite before I even took the picture! ha!

Next up the Endure Glo bar. I LOVE spelt and was really curious how this would taste in a bar. First bite..oh gosh, vanilla heaven. I had to take all my will power and put this one back in its wrapper before I ate the whole thing. Im gonna go out on a limb and say I like this one a bit better than the Revive bar. The vanilla flavor is wonderful! Wow. Hits of cranberry and coconut are present and make this bar a fanastic treat. Great flavor.

Renew bar was fabulous too. Slight bit of sweetness but not overpowering and I love the fact it has Chia seeds in it. I do love my chias! Had a nice little crunch to it which I found to be nice.

When I work out I don't like to eat things that are too sweet. And the Run Glo Bar is exactly what the type of thing I would take with me. The aftertaste has slight notes of peanut butter and vanilla. So yummy. I can see myself packing some of these to the gym or on one of my rides. It doesn't have that overpowering sweet taste that a lot of bars have. It tastes way more natural to me and that gets a huge two thumbs up in my book! I already put a few in my bag to take to the gym with me.

Last but not least is the Classic Glo bar. Cant go wrong with a classic right? Right! This ones a winner. Peanut buttery taste, slightly sweet. Reminds me of the Run glow bar. It has ground flax and hemp seeds in it which Im always looking to eat more of in my diet.

Overall thoughts? These are A-mazing. As I was saying earlier I love the non-commerical very organic natural taste that they have. The bars are chewy, not too sweet and made with wholesome ingredients. I would hands down recommend these to everyone I know. I love the inclusion of Omega-3 and Omega-6 stats in the nutritional info as well. They are 100% vegan, (which means Im so sending my mom a case of these) and 100% organic. Rock on! Each bar is filling, delicious and the perfect snack for anyone on the Glo...I mean go!=) Be warned though, they are crazy addicting. (I had to put mine in the cabinet so I wouldn't eat them all in one night)

Thanks Angela for the amazing products. I know I will be ordering a bunch more in the near future. I cant wait to try the granola as well!

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