Friday, October 30, 2009

Yup I did it...

Yup I did it...I was tired last night, crabby and ended up eating way more than I should have. I was one cranky Chrysta. I wasn't hungry I just wanted to eat something. None of it horrible, at least it was healthy foods but still more than I should have. This morning I was thinking about why. Reasons being, just tired and wanted some instantaneous comfort I think. In a way I think its a good thing, making mistakes allows you to learn from them. Next time I feel this way I can think back to last night and really analyze whether or not I'm truly hungry or just wanting that instant gratification. I think the key is realizing that you can't be perfect all the time and expecting to never err is completely out of reach. We are all human and make mistakes sometimes and the best thing to do is just to learn from them and move on. So instead of feeling horrible I decided to treat my body well today by filling it with amazingly healthy awesome foods and a great workout. I think this is the best way to get over a night of not so great eating.

So on that happy note, I started my day with Pumpkin Spice Coffee (Thanks Mom!! She always sends me flavored coffee from this coffee shop back in PA that I LOVE! And this month she sent me Pumpkin Spice and Hawaiian Coconut) and also a big bowl guessed it! Hot oatmeal! Nice!

Lunch consisted of Kale and tahini and some eggwhites on the side. I also picked at some granola.
Mid day snacks were crackers Barney butter! So delish. I hit the gym after work and had one rockin workout. I ended the night with a huge plate of apples with cinnamon and mesquite and a greek yogurt with some cocoa powder and stevia. After my sweat fest and day of fabulous eats Im already back on track and feeling great. Heres to a great start of a new weekend!

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